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New Equipment Arrives at Rotorflush

New Equipment Arrives at Rotorflush

New workshop
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Rotorflush Filters New Workshop is Open!

Rotorflush Filters New workshop and offices meet the growing demand for our unique self-cleaning filter products…………..and sorts out social distancing!

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ATi Recommends Rotorflush

ATi UK Recommends Rotorflush Self-cleaning Analyser Filters to protect their Q46N Total Ammonia Monitors

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Discovering the benefits of Rotorflush Filters

UK Water Industry is discovering the benefits of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and submersible filter pumps with self-cleaning intakes.

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Great New Products From Rotorflush Filters

Great new self-cleaning filter products from Rotorflush Filters Ltd. Find out what's new in the never-ending battle to keep pipes, nozzles, filters, pumps, analysers and eel screens free from blockage and clogging.

Golf course
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Keeping the Greens Green

Keeping the Greens Green and the Fairways Fair - Irrigation for Golf Courses using Rotorflush self-cleaning filters. Guaranteeing a filtered supply of water is very important for course irrigation system design and implementation. Typically, raw water is pumped from ponds, lakes or streams to ensure the course is in tip-top condition. Intake strainers protect the pumps and irrigation equipment from blockage. A unique self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filters free of weed and other detritus so that pumps and irrigation equipment can be left to run with minimal maintenance.

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Largest Ever Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filter

Largest Ever Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filters for the Oil Industry! Giant self-cleaning suction intake screens manufactured in the West country and deployed to the Euphrates estuary. Filtering to 3 mm screening pretty murky brackish estuarine water for use across the desert at well-heads - a vital supply of process water kept flowing by low maintenance self-cleaning strainers. Rotorflush’s unique self-cleaning filter technology has been scaled up to meet the demanding requirements of the oil industry. Six Rotorflush RF1500R self-cleaning strainers – each filtering 700 cubic meters per hour – will be used for river water abstraction in Iraq’s oilfields.