Self-Cleaning Filters, Eel Screens, Submersible Pumps & Self-cleaning Filters for Analysers

Self cleaning suction intake filters and self cleaning strainers for use when pumping dirty water

Eel Screens & Fish and Eel Screening

Rotorflush Self-cleaning Eel Screens provide a cost effective, low maintenance answer to eel screening while abstracting raw water. In fact, all our products - including our filterpumps - can be used for eel screening.

Our Eel Screens are specifically designed to comply with EU Eel Protection regulations and Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act, while being easy to install and maintain.

The screens continuously self-clean, avoiding blockages and gently preventing debris and wild life from entrapment on the mesh. They can be used in both salt and fresh water.

The design of our filters gives them a low intake velocity and a high open area - minimising their size for the flow rates you require.

Rotorflush all stainless steel RF800LW and RF600LW Eel screens require little or no civil engineering or groundwork to install, and when submerged for use have minimal visual impact on the natural environment.


Rotorflush Filters Ltd now offers a huge range of larger Filterpumps giving you a far greater choice of flow rates and pressures.

Now you can use our submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intake screens to pump up to 150m3 / hour of dirty water without worrying about your suction intake, pump or other equipment blocking.

With a range of pressures up to 20 bar, our filterpumps are ideal for supplying heat exchangers, irrigation, pumping wash-water and much more, even in very difficult water conditions.


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Check out this video see what Rotorflush filter pumps can do

Rotorflush Filterpumps

Filterpumps - submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning pump intake filters.

Our filterpumps are submersible, continuously rated and have their own built -in self-cleaning filter. Pumping and filtering are combined. The self-cleaning intake filter keeps the filter mesh clear of any suspended solids and debris to protect the pump and other equipment.

The suction intake self-cleans whenever the pump is running.

Our filter pumps allow compliance with EA Eel Regulations

How Rotorflush Pump Filters Work

Check out this video all about how Rotorflush filters work

Blocked Pump? Blocked Filter? BOTH?

Rotorflush Products

Submersible filterpumps with integral Rotorflush self-cleaning intake filters.

Self-cleaning suction filters and strainers for use with surface mounted pumps.

Eel Screens - Self-cleaning Eel screens that meet EA Eel Regulation and EPA 316(b) rules for suction intakes

We also supply Self-cleaning Analyser Filters to protect water monitoring equipment

All our self-cleaning filters have a continuous backwash to keep the filter clear.

Rotorflush filters are truly - and continuously - self-cleaning.

NB: Not suitable for use in raw sewage

Our Products & Prices

  • Rotorflush filterpump - submersible pump with self cleaning submersible pump filter built in.
  • Rotorflush self-cleaning intake for pond pumps and other small pumps

We have a range of innovative self-cleaning filtration products to match your needs.

Scroll through a few of our products here or click the button below to see our entire range of self-cleaning filters, submersible filterpumps and strainers.


Self-cleaning strainers & filters for pump suction intakes

Our self-cleaning suction filters and strainers for use when pumping contaminated and dirty water offer low maintenance screening and pumping.

Smaller filters are durable ABS and larger filteres are all stainless steel; they are extremely tough and require little maintenance.

Efficient cleaning rotors continuously clear the filter mesh without interrupting flow. These filters have no power source other than your pump when it is in operation.

We offer self-cleaning filters from 30 litres a minute up to over 1000 m3 / hour, and mesh sizes from 60 microns (on smaller filters) to 6mm.

We can also design and build self-cleaning intake strainers to suit your particular requirements

NB: Not suitable for use in raw sewage

Guide Rails & Stands

Our screens and filterpumps are used throughout the Water industry in the UK, Australia the USA and many other countries.

In response to enquiries from this sector, we have developed a variety of stands and guide rails for our filterpumps which we believe will meet most customers’ requirements.

Stands and Guide Rails

Save Money - Why you need Rotorflush Filters

Why you need them......

Our self-cleaning inlet filters enable greater water efficiency through recycling and re-use.

By not blocking they reduce downtime spent on pump and filter maintenance, reduce energy bills and lower dirty water disposal costs.

What Rotorflush Filters are used for....

What they are used for.....

Our filters keep irrigation equipment going, water works working, fountains flowing and protect pumps, heat exchangers and analytical instruments.

Our self-cleaning intake filters ensure a continuous filtered supply from your pump in very dirty water conditions.

Waste Water Treatment Filters for Inlet Screen Wash Water and Analysers

Waste Water Treatment Filters The UK Water Industry makes extensive use of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and pumps.  The filtered...


Help in choosing your filter

Our customers benefit from our knowledge gained from years of successfully producing self-cleaning intake filters in shapes, sizes and designs that meet their particular filtration needs.

Cost Saving

Filtering directly from a water source can avoid capital costs where sites need to adapted for other filtration solutions.

Our self-cleaning intake filters reduce downtime and maintenance and protect equipment from blockages giving an excellent return on investment.

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