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RF100ANQ Being Built and Tested

A video of RF100ANQ Analyser Filter Systems in production and shows how the backwash mechanism cleans the built-in 60 micron mesh RF100 suction intake filter while sample water is being drawn from the tank

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Sample Water Filtration

Self-Cleaning Sample Water Filters for Analyser Filters On-line Analysers and Dosing Systems

Online instruments and analysers are used to constantly monitor water quality, wastewater contaminants and final effluent quality. This equipment works well if supplied with a fluid relatively free from suspended solids, but in many cases samples contain levels of suspended solids which need to be filtered out. Rotorflush self-cleaning analyser filters can help.

We have developed an automatic back-washing filter system that does not interrupt the flow of filtered output to analytical instrumentation.  The system is particularly useful for systems using dosing pumps and where there is a need to monitor water quality using wet chemistry analytical techniques. 

The small tolerances of sensitive equipment may block or clog unless sample water is pre-screened, particularly when sampling raw water, final effluent or industrial waste water.

What We Can Supply

Rotorflush Filters Ltd manufacture and supply self-cleaning filtration equipment to the Water Industry and other industrial sectors where there is a need for reliable low maintenance and often continuous water quality monitoring.

Our self-cleaning filters can deliver a continuous supply of sample filtered down to 60 microns. 

We offer two products: 

  • the RF100ANQ Analyser Filter System - a wall-mounted self-cleaning analyser filter system used typically in kiosks on water and waste water treatment sites.  
  • the O1608-16MA filterpump - a small low-head submersible pump with a built-in self-cleaning intake filter.

The self-cleaning filters in both products keep filter mesh clear while protecting sample pumps and analytical equipment from blocking.

RF100ANQ Self-cleaning Filter System for Analysers

The Rotorflush RF100AN is an automatic backwash self-cleaning filter system designed specifically for pre-filtration of sample water.  The system provides filtered output to your analysers without blocking the cells, and protecting measuring equipment ahead of dosing pumps.

The RF100AN allows for a fast loop flow of up to 20 l/ minute to flow through its tank. The tank contains a small Rotorflush self-cleaning suction intake filter that filters pumped sample water to 60 microns. The filter self-cleans whenever the system is working.

Output of the system is variable up to 15 litres / minute, and filtration is down to 60 microns.  The continuous backwash keeps the filter clear. The system has pressure sensors and a float switch for dry run protection.

Maintenance is infrequent and minimal, and the backwash does not interrupt the flow of filtered supply.

Omnia O1608-16MA Filterpump

The Rotorflush Omnia O1608-16 Low Head Filter Pump with integral self-cleaning inlet screen provides a simple, cost-effective solution to pumping and filtering sample water in one product.

Omnia low head ample pump for analysers fitted with stainless steel self cleaning filter

These filterpumps are ideal for sampling in variable water conditions to ensure that pumps and other connected equipment stay clear.  The life of finer secondary filtration equipment can often be extended by filtering at source.

Using the filter pump at source provides a screened supply of liquid continuously for your analyser, with little maintenance. Screens are available with apertures from 60 microns to 315 microns, and 1 – 3mm.

Man taking a water sample from a river
Omnia Sample pump with self-cleaning intake

Frequently Asked Questions About Analyser Filtration

Our self-cleaning analyser filters are designed to protect water monitoring equipment by screening sample water ahead of wet chemistry analysers. The wall-mounted system incorporates a self-cleaning filter which keeps its mesh clear while delivering sample water filtered to 60 microns. The system has built-in dry-run protection and a digital output

Water sampling and filtration are combined. Because our self-cleaning analyser filters have an automatic backwash preventing the mesh from blinding, they also protect analytical and dosing pump equipment from blockages.  It is designed to allow sampling from a static head within a fast loop flow, and can be used remotely.

The system has been designed for use on unmanned and remote sites where water monitoring is continuous.  It is very efficient and cost effective because it:

  • Enables continuous water sampling in difficult and dirty water conditions
  • Reduces blockage and damage to analytical equipment
  • Decreases downtime
  • Minimises maintenance

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