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Our stands are designed to hold your Rotorflush above any silt or debris build up.

Suitable for flat bottom surfaces such as sumps and level riverbeds.

Omnia Filterpump™ with float switch Stainless Steel mesh and stand
Topaz on a custom stand

Guide Rails

Our guide rail has been designed to support Rotorflush Filterpumps and screens and allow their easy removal from water. 

The standard design is modular so that our guide rails can be offered in 1 metre sections. The filters and filterpumps fit securely to a platform that moves up and down.

Our filterpumps require good clearance (at least the radius of the intake) all round to work efficiently; the lifting platform holds the Rotorflush in place with sufficient clearance to ensure optimum performance when in use and ease of access. The filter rests on a plate designed to hold the base of the filter in place. These rails can be made to suit all sizes of Rotorflush filter pumps and self-cleaning intake screens.

Suited to installing on a flat vertical surface such as a dock wall, pontoon edge or large wet well.

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Guide rail with pump mounted
Prepping guide rail

Quick Release Guide Rail Demo

Watch as one of our RF800LW Eel Screens is lowered down to its guide rail to the operating position. This Guide Rail features a quick-release coupling, removing the need to bolt the filter to the delivery pipework. The guide rail ensures the filter stays in position and is easily removed for maintenance.

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