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Idrogo with nylon filter mesh

Idrogo Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Idrogo Filterpumps™. Medium-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filter on their intake. Stainless steel bodied pumps, ideal for domestic and small scale industrial use, delivering up to 120 litres per minute, maximum head 80 metres.

  • Maximum Output 120 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 80 m

Price from: £2,710

Nauti filterpump™

Nauti Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Nauti Filterpumps™. High-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filters on the suction intake. They have a maximum output of 220 litres a minute, and can pump up to 10 bar. Pumping and filtration are combined. All stainless steel construction.

  • Maximum Output 220 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 103 m

Price from: £2,590

Pebble Filterpump™

Pebble Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Pebble Filterpumps™. Pebble submersible filter pump with built-in self-cleaning filter on the pump suction intake. It has a maximum output of 80 L/min and a max head of 6m. They are our smallest filter pump, ideal for sampling, eel passes, small water features, and domestic use.

  • Maximum Output 80 L/min
  • Maximum Head 6 m

Price from: £860

RF100IND-Q Self-cleaning filter

RF100 Self-cleaning Filters

RF100 Range Self-cleaning Filters. RF100 self-cleaning filters are designed to protect dry mounted pumps and other equipment from blocking while water is being pumped. They are pump suction hose filters available with 1, 2, or 3 filter heads, for a range of flow rates up to 90 litres a minute, 24 US GPM. They can be fitted with 60, 115 or 250 micron mesh, US Mesh 230, 120 and 60.

  • Filter 30 – 90 L/Min, 8 – 24 US GPM
  • Screen 60, 115 or 250 Microns
  • US Mesh 230, 120 and 60

Price from: £280

RF400AR self cleaning filter

RF400 Self-cleaning Filters

RF400 Self-cleaning Filters. Our extremely tough, stainless steel RF400 self-cleaning basket filters are for use on the pump suction hose of surface mounted pumps. The RF400 can filter up to 1000 litres per minute, 265 US GPM, from 50 microns to 6 mm.

  • Screen Up to 1000 L/Min, 265 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • US Mesh 3 Down to 230

Price from: £3,835

Sapphire filterpump

Sapphire 400 Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Sapphire Filterpumps™ are general purpose high pressure submersible filter pumps with a built-in self-cleaning suction intake screen. Pump and screen up to 50 m3/h, 220 US GPM, and to a maximum head of 20 bar, 290 psi.

  • Maximum output - 50 m3/h, 220 US GPM
  • Maximum head - 200 m, 656 ft

Price from: £8,475

Sapphire Filterpump™

Sapphire 600 Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Sapphire Filterpumps™ are general purpose high pressure submersible filter pumps with a built-in self-cleaning suction intake screen. Pump and screen up to 90 m3/hr, 400 US GPM, and to a maximum head of 14 bar, 200 psi.

  • Maximum output - 90 m3/hr, 400 US GPM
  • Maximum head - 14 m, 460 ft

Price from: £17,940

Keeping Fountains and Water Features Flowing

Rotorflush Filters Ltd produce self-cleaning filtration and screening products designed to screen and filter out debris, weed and detritus from water while it is being pumped. Intakes, pumps, pipes, nozzles and jets are protected from blocking and clogging. Owners and users enjoy far less frequent maintenance and more quality water time.

Products for Fountains and Water Features

We manufacture and supply self-cleaning intake filters and strainers that fit to the suction intake pipes of surface mounted pumps.  The pump suction hose strainers are mechanical, driven by water, and are designed to clean the intake screen or mesh whenever your pump is running.

We also manufacture and supply ranges of submersible pumps with built-in self-cleaning suction intake screens and filters. Their intake screens are continuously backwashed as they pump, providing a continuous supply of screened water to your equipment.

Our products deliver water from 30 litres a minute up to 450 litres a second - we can cater for all flow rates in between, theres a Rotorflush for you.

A Humungous Fountain in a Wood

Municipal Parks and Public Spaces

As larger fountain pumps are now more common, particularly for public and municipal water features and fountain displays, high volume self-cleaning intake strainers are in demand.  Any water feature equipment susceptible to blockage by litter, wildlife and other debris will benefit from the use of our self-cleaning filters.

Our stainless steel self-cleaning fountain pump filters are robust and powerful. They are ideal for larger water features powering impressive fountains without the usual ongoing maintenance needs. The filters stay clear while preventing pumps, pipes and fountains from blocking.  The backwash is continuous and does not interrupt the flow of filtered water to your fountain equipment.

Rotorflush uniquely manufacture and supply submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intakes.  This allows high pressure, centrifugal pumping in difficult water conditions. Pumping and screening are combined. The award-winning Rotorflush Self-cleaning intake keeps the intake screen, pump, and most importantly fountainheads free from debris and blockage.

Beautiful Fountain in Park in Christchurch

Restored Victorian Fountain Powered by a Rotorflush Filterpump™

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Maintaining Filters & Pumps

Even the most efficient filtration and pumping equipment needs maintenance. Maintenance is expensive and tiresome, and fountains and water features particularly need to be kept in good order to work well. 

Staff members responsible for maintaining fountains will spend time on tasks such as cleaning, inspecting, and troubleshooting fountain equipment. This time commitment can vary depending on the complexity of the fountain and the frequency of maintenance required.

Overall, while it's difficult to provide an exact figure, municipalities and businesses typically allocate a portion of their budget for fountain maintenance, recognizing it as a necessary expense to ensure the ongoing functionality and aesthetic appeal of public spaces and commercial premises. Depending on the size and complexity of the fountain, as well as local environmental factors, the total annual expenditure on maintenance can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of pounds or more.

Rotorflush self-cleaning suction intake filters and screens are designed to minimise maintenance and reduce downtime. Maintenance planning is more targeted.  More efficient filtration extends the life of equipment and allows additional water quality management - for example, UV systems - to operate more efficiently. All of which benefits your bottom line.


Home and Garden

Rotorflush self-cleaning water filters are ideal for fountains and water features in larger gardens.

Our ranges of self-cleaning strainers and filter pumps have been developed from one of our earliest products - a small self-cleaning filter for fitting to pond pumps.  This filter greatly reduced maintenance and prevented the damage to wildlife that often happened with standard water feature pumps and screens.

We now produce self-cleaning strainers and filters for use with surface mounted pumps that can filter volumes from 30 litres a minute upwards to 1000s of litres a minute.

Our ranges of submersible pumps with built-in self-cleaning intakes are ideal for aeration and the higher pressure filter pumps have sufficient power for fountains. We can provide them with floats and fountain heads if required.  

Fountain overgrown needs a Rotorflush

Wildlife Friendly

Our self-cleaning filter products are very kind to aquatic life.  Unlike some products that self-clean at intervals with a sudden and destructive blast of water or compressed air, our filters provide a gentle, effective and continuous backwash that removes aquatic life away from filter screens without harming them.

Ponds and lakes benefit from fountains and waterfalls as these aerate the water, which is beneficial to fish and wildlife.  Unfortunately, the wildlife, blanket weed, stringy algae, and general detritus can block the pumps and fountain nozzles.  This not only leads to frequent maintenance of equipment, but can send pond creatures, such as tadpoles, newts and small fish, to an untimely death after being sucked into pumps and pipes.  This rather defeats the object of aerating the pond for the benefit of aquatic life if it is killed by the aeration equipment itself.

Rotorflush offer the only self-cleaning strainers and submersible filter pumps that overcome the problems of blocked pumps and fountains, as well protecting tadpoles, fish and other pond wildlife.

Happy Newts thanks to Rotorflush Self-cleaning suction intake filter

Eel Friendly

Do you draw water from a pond, lake or river?  Rotorflush self-cleaning filters are Eel friendly - our products can help with your compliance to the European Commission’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations for England and Wales.

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