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Rotorflush products are used for screening and pumping process and waste water in many industries including, paper-mills, quarries, desalination plants, distillers, power stations, food manufacturers, Heathrow Airport - and many more.

The cost of water, water treatment and monitoring, and waste water disposal can have a significant impact on production costs. Considerable savings can be made by re-using and recycling water, and more efficiently treating waste water. 

Rotorflush self-cleaning filter pumps and strainers provide a low maintenance means of pumping and filtering water. Our products are particularly useful for removing debris and solids in suspension.

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Cobalt 600 Filterpump™

Cobalt 600 Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Cobalt 600 Filter Pumps. Submersible pumps with an integral self-cleaning filter on the suction intake. These industrial, low to medium pressure, robust filter pumps offer high volume pumping and screening - up to 108 m3 / hr, 475 US GPM.

  • Maximum Output - 108 m3 / hr, 475 US GPM
  • Maximum Head - 30 m, 98 ft

Price from: £15,175

Flint 480 Filterpump™

Flint Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Flint Filterpumps™. 60 Hz low head submersible filter pump with an integral self-cleaning filter on the pump suction intake. Robustly built with wear-resistant rubber and ductile iron for durability, up to 79 US GPM, max head of 54 ft.

  • Maximum output - 79 US GPM, 300 l / min
  • Maximum head - 54 ft, 16 m

Price from: £0

Nauti filterpump™

Nauti Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Nauti Filterpumps™. High-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filters on the suction intake. They have a maximum output of 220 litres a minute, and can pump up to 10 bar. Pumping and filtration are combined. All stainless steel construction.

  • Maximum Output 220 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 103 m

Price from: £2,590

RF100IND-Q Self-cleaning filter

RF100 Self-cleaning Filters

RF100 Range Self-cleaning Filters. RF100 self-cleaning filters are designed to protect dry mounted pumps and other equipment from blocking while water is being pumped. They are pump suction hose filters available with 1, 2, or 3 filter heads, for a range of flow rates up to 90 litres a minute, 24 US GPM. They can be fitted with 60, 115 or 250 micron mesh, US Mesh 230, 120 and 60.

  • Filter 30 – 90 L/Min, 8 – 24 US GPM
  • Screen 60, 115 or 250 Microns
  • US Mesh 230, 120 and 60

Price from: £280

RF200 self-cleaning filter fitted with woven mesh

RF200 Self-cleaning Filters

RF200 Self-cleaning Filters. RF200 self-cleaning filters provide effective screening for surface mounted pump intakes. The RF200 pump suction hose filters can screen from 50 microns - 6 mm, handling up to 220 litres a minute, 58 US GPM. A continuous backwash keeps the intake screen clear.

  • Screen Up to 220 L/Min, 58 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • US Mesh 3 Down to 230

Price from: £1,600

Shiny RF300 self-cleaning suction intake filter with sintered stainless steel filter mesh

RF300 Self-cleaning Filters

RF300 self-cleaning filters. RF300 self-cleaning filters provide effective screening for surface mounted pump intakes. The RF200 pump suction hose filters can screen from 50 microns - 6 mm, handling up to 560 litres a minute, 148 US GPM. A continuous backwash keeps the intake screen clear.

  • Screen Up to 560 L/Min, 148 US GPM
  • Filter From 3 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • Down to 230 US Mesh

Price from: £2,600

RF400AR self cleaning filter

RF400 Self-cleaning Filters

RF400 Self-cleaning Filters. Our extremely tough, stainless steel RF400 self-cleaning basket filters are for use on the pump suction hose of surface mounted pumps. The RF400 can filter up to 1000 litres per minute, 265 US GPM, from 50 microns to 6 mm.

  • Screen Up to 1000 L/Min, 265 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • US Mesh 3 Down to 230

Price from: £3,835

RF600-600LW Self-cleaning filter

RF600LW Self-cleaning Filters

RF600LW Self-cleaning Filters. The RF600LWs are robust stainless steel self-cleaning basket filters that protect pumps and other equipment from blocking and blinding when pumping dirty water. They are fitted with 1 mm - 6 mm stainless steel mesh screens, handling up to 730 m3/hour, 3,215 US GPM.

  • Screen Up to 730 m3 / Hour, 3215 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 1 mm

Price from: £9,285

RF600R Self-cleaning Strainer

RF600AR Self-cleaning Strainer

RF600AR Self-cleaning Strainer. Our RF600 self-cleaning intake strainers are for attachment to the suction hose of surface mounted pumps. These all stainless-steel construction mechanical filters can deliver up to 376 m3/hour, 1660 US GPM

  • Screen up to 376 m3 / hour, 1660 US GPM
  • Filter from 6 mm down to 315 microns
  • US Mesh 3 down to 50

Price from: £8,235

Recycle and Re-use

Water Re-cycling and Re-use

Many industrial processes leave water dirty; where the contamination is primarily comprised of solid material in suspension, Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and filter pumps can quickly and efficiently separate particles so that water may be re-used. Here’s a great example from one of our customers:

“We were very happy to recommend Rotorflush’s filterpumps™ for an installation in a glass factory where a re-circulating water spray system is used to cool the molten glass during production. The filter and spray nozzles were daily becoming blocked with particles of glass and scale. 

The process environment is extremely hot and hostile, nonetheless we decided to fit a Rotorflush filter to the existing pump and as a result, production now proceeds without interruption.”

Rotorflush self-cleaning filters are being used to remove lint and other debris from wash-water in laundries, allowing for heat recovery, re-use and lower waste water disposal costs.

Recycling and conserving water - moisture farming

Tank & Sump

Pumping from a Tank or Sump

How to Clean the Suspended Solids From a Dirty Water Tank

Dirty water in settlement tanks, IBC containers full of dirty water, rainwater harvesting tanks, sumps and other water storage areas from where water is pumped for use can all benefit from an effective self-cleaning filter on the pump suction intake. This will prevent blockages and keep things running smoothly. 

The dirty water in your tank can be filtered and pumped out for use elsewhere, while the pump and filter stay clear preventing any downstream equipment from becoming blocked. But…….everything filtered out is still in your tank. 

Here’s a neat solution to crud accumulating in storage and settlement tanks.  A self-cleaning filter can be used to collect suspended solids in a smaller container than your storage tank.   The smaller tank can be purged or pumped out with a solids handling pump as debris accumulates. This is more water efficient than periodically draining a much larger tank. 

How to use a Rotorflush in a tank to empty a larger tank

Sampling and Dosing

Water Analysis, Monitoring and Dosing Systems

Rotorflush Filters Ltd have developed an automatic self-cleaning filter system specifically to filter sample water for analytical equipment. Development began in response to a requirement to measure levels of chemicals in white water at paper mills, enabling the output to supply analysers without blocking the cells. Output of the system is from 0 to 2 litres / minute.

The system is now used widely in the UK water industry for screening sample water for continuous wet chemistry analysis – primarily for ammonia, chlorine and phosphate analysis.  The self-cleaning filter screens down to 60 microns and allows sampling from a static head in a fast loop system. The output flow is not interrupted and the intake filter self-cleans to prevent blocking.

The system is particularly useful for systems using dosing pumps and where there is a need to continuously monitor water quality. The self-cleaning filter keeps the filter mesh clear to deliver low maintenance sampling and filtration, particularly useful in food manufacturing and processing.

We also supply submersible sample pumps with built-in self-cleaning intakes for use directly in a water supply. Both products are ideal for supplying filtered sample water for to analysers.

Analyser in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Rotorflush products allow water contaminated with solids to be screened and pumped while minimising the risk of blinding or blockage. This means that our self-cleaning filtration products can be used for 

  • Filtering Laundry Water
  • Screening White Water
  • Filtering Water for Cooling/Heating
  • Salad and Vegetable Washing
  • Filtering Sample Water for Water Monitoring and Dosing

or any industrial process where particulate needs to be screened out of water for recycling, reuse, or disposal. Our products are often used in purge tanks to remove contaminants so that water can be reused.

All of our self-cleaning intake screens are specified to suit required flow rates. 

Filter pumps are recommended based on the flow rate and pressure needed, taking into account any pressure losses through your set-up.  

Intake strainers and screens are specified according to the maximum flow through that is required. 

Consideration should be given to what mesh size you need - top tip, go for the largest mesh size you can get away with to minimise maintenance.

Yes, environmental regulations may determine the type of filter pump or strainer to be used.  Products can be sized to account for Eel Regulations or EPA rule 316(b) if applicable, so that intake velocity and mesh size meet regulatory requirements.

We wish it were possible to screen all types of fluid with our products, but there are limits. Rotorflush products work very well in dirty water or other fluids where the viscosity is the same or very close t that of water. So, no sludge.  

Oil and grease in the water will also limit the efficacy of Rotorflush products - grease and oil combine readily with fibrous material and is extremely difficult to screen once it begins to accumulate. 

Yes – because our products pump and filter directly from a dirty water source, there is less need for expensive in-line filtration. 

All our products have built-in self-cleaning back-washes that prevent intake screens from blocking, keep pumps clear and protect other connected equipment. This reduces maintenance, minimises downtime and can extend the life of pumps.  Screening water for reuse can also cut costs.

Grants intakes

Case Study

Of the 3 intakes at the Glenfiddich extraction point, the Rotorflush was the only intake that was working and not blocked up.

Naomi Way

Rotorflush Filters Ltd

The site had 3 intakes which at the time had traditional basket filters. In addition to this, the filters were preceded by a large screen. Grants told Rotorflush that in the autumn the significant leaf fall required one of their workers to clear the screen of leaves “24/7”.



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