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Amber Filterpump™

Amber Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Amber Filter Pumps. 60 Hz motor submersible pumps with built-in pump suction self-cleaning filters. Multistage medium to high head submersible filter pumps with self-cleaning intakes - up to 48 US GPM, 150 l / min.

  • Maximum output - 48 US GPM, 150 l / min
  • Maximum head - 324 feet, 100 m

Price from: £0

Cobalt 600 Filterpump™

Cobalt 600 Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Cobalt 600 Filter Pumps. Submersible pumps with an integral self-cleaning filter on the suction intake. These industrial, low to medium pressure, robust filter pumps offer high volume pumping and screening - up to 108 m3 / hr, 475 US GPM.

  • Maximum Output - 108 m3 / hr, 475 US GPM
  • Maximum Head - 30 m, 98 ft

Price from: £15,175

Flint 480 Filterpump™

Flint Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Flint Filterpumps™. 60 Hz low head submersible filter pump with an integral self-cleaning filter on the pump suction intake. Robustly built with wear-resistant rubber and ductile iron for durability, up to 79 US GPM, max head of 54 ft.

  • Maximum output - 79 US GPM, 300 l / min
  • Maximum head - 54 ft, 16 m

Price from: £0

Idrogo with nylon filter mesh

Idrogo Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Idrogo Filterpumps™. Medium-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filter on their intake. Stainless steel bodied pumps, ideal for domestic and small scale industrial use, delivering up to 120 litres per minute, maximum head 80 metres.

  • Maximum Output 120 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 80 m

Price from: £2,710

Nauti filterpump™

Nauti Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Nauti Filterpumps™. High-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filters on the suction intake. They have a maximum output of 220 litres a minute, and can pump up to 10 bar. Pumping and filtration are combined. All stainless steel construction.

  • Maximum Output 220 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 103 m

Price from: £2,590

Stainless mesh Omnia filterpump™

Omnia Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Omnia Filterpumps™. Submersible pumps with built-in pump suction self-cleaning filters. Single phase low head filter pumps - up to 220 litres a minute, 70 US GPM. Ideal for sampling and small open loop heat pump systems.

  • Maximum Output 220 L/ Min, 45 US GPM
  • Maximum Head 11 m, 25 ft

Price from: £1,970

Pebble Filterpump™

Pebble Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Pebble Filterpumps™. Pebble submersible filter pump with built-in self-cleaning filter on the pump suction intake. It has a maximum output of 80 L/min and a max head of 6m. They are our smallest filter pump, ideal for sampling, eel passes, small water features, and domestic use.

  • Maximum Output 80 L/min
  • Maximum Head 6 m

Price from: £860

RF100AN-Q Self-cleaning filter system for analysers

RF100AN-Q Analyser Filter System

The RF100AN-Q Analyser Filter System. Designed to provide filtered sample water for analysers and dosing pump systems. The system incorporates a Rotorflush self-cleaning filter, to protect equipment and ensure low maintenance sampling and monitoring. It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solids for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers.

  • Filter Samples Up to 16 L/Min, 8 US GPM
  • Screen at 60, 115 or 250 microns
  • US Mesh 230, 120 and 60

Price from: £3,290

RF600-600LW Self-cleaning filter

RF600LW Self-cleaning Filters

RF600LW Self-cleaning Filters. The RF600LWs are robust stainless steel self-cleaning basket filters that protect pumps and other equipment from blocking and blinding when pumping dirty water. They are fitted with 1 mm - 6 mm stainless steel mesh screens, handling up to 730 m3/hour, 3,215 US GPM.

  • Screen Up to 730 m3 / Hour, 3215 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 1 mm

Price from: £9,285

Water Treatment Filtration

The UK Water Industry makes extensive use of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and filter pumps.  Our products are used for:

Wash Water at Sewage Treatment Works

Intake screens frequently block and clog.  Trash and intake screens are cleared using high pressure wash water. As the source of this water is on the dirty side of the STW, a pump that will screen and pump final effluent without blocking is essential for low maintenance running of these plants. And that's what Rotorflush Filterpumps™ do. The filtered water they pump keeps spray bars and nozzles from clogging with suspended solids, weed or debris. 

Water Sampling and Analysis

There is a constant need in the water industry to monitor water quality at all stages of water treatment. Our smaller filter pumps and Analyser Filter Systems protect analytical equipment at water monitoring sites. They provide protection to equipment to help ensure continuous monitoring and are very low maintenance.



Other water and utility companies internationally are also discovering the cost and maintenance benefits of our products.  We provide innovative, low maintenance, robust and reliable filtration for raw water, secondary and final effluent, and we are developing products for effective filtration in raw sewage.

Pumping station
Jasper with Stainless Woven Mesh

Screening at Raw Water Intakes

Screening at Raw Water Intakes

Environmental legislation for the protection of eels and fish now applies to many uses of raw water. Rotorflush's self-cleaning intakes on all our products allow 2 mm screening of raw water while keeping the screen mesh clear. As well as meeting regulatory requirements, these very low maintenance screens have the added benefit of reducing the load of particulate and debris further down the line.

Rotorflush submersible filter pumps with their integral self-cleaning filters can pump up to 2,500 liters per minute and filter to 60 microns. 


Rotorflush Filterpumps™ for Wash Water at Treatment Works

Rotorflush submersible filter pumps offer a range of capabilities and installation options for providing waste water treatment wash water.  Because of this versatility, many waste water treatment projects have integrated our products into their designs.

All Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and submersible pumps filter directly from the water source.  Therefore, pumps with self-cleaning intakes can be suspended in secondary and final effluent.  Pumping and filtering are combined, and the filters self-clean as the pumps operate.

The filter mesh stays clear, pumps and other equipment – spray bars, nozzles and pipework – do not block.  The filters stay clear without the need for expensive built-in in-line filtration or compressed air driven backwashes.

In many cases, installing self-cleaning filters directly in the water source can make considerable capital savings. 

Huber screen being set up
Nauti Filterpump

Self-Cleaning Analyser Filters for Online Analysers and Dosing Pumps

Over 200 RF100AN-Q Analyser Filter Systems have been supplied to the water industry as low maintenance filtration for online analysers. It is specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers and dosing pump systems with almost no maintenance.

It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solid for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers.

Analyser filter system
Self-cleaning Filter System for Sample Water for Monitoring and Analytical Equipment
Sewage screen
RF200R Self-cleaning filter

Case Study

Trility were able to wash down the screen and were able to install and remove the screen easily when needed. They were impressed with the performance of the unit as a cost-effective alternative to inline screening or other filtering processes.

C J Hiscock, Sales

Rotorflush Filters Ltd

Trility, a water utility service provider operating in Australia, is a company that covers the full life cycle of water all the way through to waste water treatment. They approached us to trial a Rotorflush waste water treatment filter for the Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant in South East Queensland over a two-month period.

Trility concluded that the two-month trial was a success and that, in the absence of any access to screened wash water, the Rotorflush intake screen provided a viable alternative to in-line and other filtering options where these could not be used. 

Read the Full Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Rotorflush self-cleaning filtration products are used for separating solids from dirty and contaminated water so that pumps, spray bars, irrigation and other equipment does not block or clog. Typical uses are:

  • Screening and pumping wash water from final effluent 
  • Screening and pumping dairy run-off
  • Screening and pumping filtered sample water to analysers
  • Screening and pumping waste water at treatment works
  • Eel screening at raw water intakes
Sunset over waste water treatment works

All of our self-cleaning intake screens are specified to suit required flow rates. 

Filter pumps are recommended based on the flow rate and pressure needed, taking into account any pressure losses through your set-up.  

Intake strainers and screens are specified according to the maximum flow through that is required. 

Consideration should be given to what mesh size you need - top tip, go for the largest mesh size you can get away with to minimise maintenance.

Range of Rotorflush self-cleaning products

Yes, environmental regulations may determine the type of filter pump or strainer to be used.  Products can be sized to account for Eel Regulations or EPA rule 316(b) if applicable, so that intake velocity and mesh size meet regulatory requirements.

Detrail Still_Life_with_Fish_1864_Edouard_Manet

We are an innovative and forward-looking company and are actively engaged in trials to enable effective screening of raw sewage. Watch this space.  At the moment though, use of our products in raw sewage is not recommended.  

The grease and oil in raw sewage combines readily with fibrous material and is extremely difficult to screen once it begins to accumulate. This is how fat bergs are formed. Screened sewage is better, and final effluent is OK.  

Some people, however, have gained a benefit in very difficult water conditions by using our screens in combination with a rigorous maintenance regime - see this Case Study.

Sewage Treatment plant

Yes – because our products pump and filter directly from a dirty water source, there is less need for expensive in-line filtration. 

All our products have built-in self-cleaning back-washes that prevent intake screens from blocking, keep pumps clear and protect other connected equipment. This reduces maintenance, minimises downtime and can extend the life of pumps.  Screening water for reuse can also cut costs.


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Pumping station

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