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Largest Ever Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filter for the Oil Industry!

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Self-Cleaning Raw Water Filtration to 3mm @ 700 m3/hr

Rotorflush’s unique self-cleaning filter technology has been scaled up to meet the demanding requirements of the oil industry. Six Rotorflush RF1500R self-cleaning strainers – each filtering 700 cubic meters per hour – will be used for river water abstraction in Iraq’s oilfields.

These mighty high grade stainless steel filters – 2 metres high by 1.5 metres in diameter – will ensure a continuous filtered supply of water, protecting valuable downstream equipment and keeping maintenance to a minimum. This model can be built for 1000 m3/hr.

These RF1500Rs were developed by scaling up Rotorflush Filters Ltd’s award-winning self-cleaning filter technology. The same robust self-cleaning filter technology is at the heart of all our products, including online Analyser Filter systems, submersible filter pumps and our ranges of standard and bespoke strainers.

Custom Self-cleaning Strainers

Our largest ever Rotorflush self-cleaning filters are the starting point for a 50-kilometre journey for screened water from the Euphrates river to well-heads in the desert. They have been custom-built to meet the particular requirement of a major Oil company. It is vital that pumps and other inline equipment do not clog or block and that the water keeps flowing to the oil fields.  The strainers are fitted with 3mm perforated mesh screens, keeping out much of the debris and weed carried found in the brackish water of the river estuary. The self-cleaning mechanism inside each strainer ensures that particulate larger than 3mm does not stick to the filter mesh; a constant backwash pushes dirt and other material away from the mesh, preventing the mesh from blinding.

These custom self-cleaning strainers are very low maintenance, and only need a pressure wash annually.

Largest by Size and Weight 

These RF1500 self-cleaning intake screens have been over-engineered to withstand the rigours and hazards of the Euphrates estuary. They are exceptionally strong, domed screens with a strong steel cage supporting 3 mm perforated mesh.  

While these units are physically the largest intake screens we produce, we also manufacture intake screens that are not so large but are capable of higher flow rates.  This is because while perforated mesh offers great strength, the open area of the mesh is low.  We have developed newer designs which allow higher flow rates through woven steel mesh which have proved very popular for fish and eel screening.

See how these compare, and have a look at our custom build capability.

Hassle-free Filtration

Rotorflush filters and filterpumps™ are currently providing hassle-free filtration across a range of industry sectors, providing filtered samples for online analysers, dirty water filtration for agriculture and industry, and filtration for water and sewage treatment works.

Contact Rotorflush Filters Ltd for more information or if you have a particular bespoke filter requirement.

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