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Installing a Rotorflush Eel Screen

About Eel Screens

About Eel screens and Eel Screening

Eel screens are relatively fine mesh raw water intake screens with a low approach velocity so that fish young fish and eels are screened out and avoid entrapment on intakes. Eel screens and Eel screening may be required if you are pumping and screening raw water. You may be affected by the current Eel Regulations designed to help the recovery of populations of European Eels. The relevant legislation in the UK is ‘The Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009 Statutory Instrument No. 3344’, and ‘The EU Water Framework Directive – integrated river basin management for Europe‘.

The installation of low intake velocity eel screens ahead of pumping equipment may be a condition of your water abstraction licence in England and Wales.

In the USA the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put in place measures to protect aquatic wildlife – in particular the measures outlined in the Clean Water Act Section 316(b).  These regulations are similar to the European Eel Regulations in that they stipulate intake velocities and mesh size sat water intakes.  The relevant US legislation is the EPA’s ‘CWA 316(b) Cooling Water Intake Structures‘.

To comply with current rules and regulations you need an intake screen of 2 mm aperture mesh or less and to constrain the intake velocity on intake to 0.1 or 0.15  metres a second (0.5 feet per second), depending on location.

Innovative Design

Rotorflush self-cleaning Eel Screens are designed for minimum size for a given flow rate.  Our Eel screens have tensioned mesh bodies that maximize the mesh open area.  In addition, all our self-cleaning basket strainers and eel screens incorporated our unique self-cleaning mechanism that constantly backwashes the screen mesh to prevent weed and other debris from blocking and blinding the 2 mm screens.

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Our Screens Save Time and Money

Rotorflush suction side and gravity fed self-cleaning eel screens can typically be installed without significant capital works. Their cylindrical design and ease of use often make them the most cost-effective answer to the need for fish and eel screening.

Because they all have an inbuilt backwash system, maintenance is minimal and downtime is reduced. 

Gravity fed Rotorflush self-cleaning eel screens

Frequently Asked Questions

An eel screen is a raw water intake screen that meets the criteria for complying with Eel Regulations.

Each abstraction license has different stipulations depending on how far from the estuary the intake site is. However, most Eel screens require a 2 mm mesh or smaller and must be sized so that the intake velocity approaching the screen does not exceed 0.1 m / second for your flow rate.

Rotorflush Eel Screens are all stainless steel self-cleaning basket strainers for use on gravity intakes or on the suction side of pumped intakes. 

Our Eel screens are robust, easy to install, low maintenance and meet current Eel regulations. By complying with the regulations you can avoid being fined or losing an abstraction licence. 

Because our Eel screens are self-cleaning using them can also protect other downstream equipment from blocking and blinding.

Rotorflush eel screens are designed to meet Eel regulations as efficiently and economically as possible.

They deliver high flow rates at low intake velocities while taking up less space than fixed installations such as band screens or wedge wire screens. Capital costs are reduced, installation is easier.

Because they are self-cleaning Rotorflush Eel Screens are far less likely to block or blind than a non-self-cleaning 2 mm screen, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance. 

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