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Amber Filterpump™

Amber Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Amber Filter Pumps. 60 Hz motor submersible pumps with built-in pump suction self-cleaning filters. Multistage medium to high head submersible filter pumps with self-cleaning intakes - up to 48 US GPM, 150 l / min.

  • Maximum output - 48 US GPM, 150 l / min
  • Maximum head - 324 feet, 100 m

Price from: £0

Cobalt filterpump™

Cobalt 400 Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Cobalt 400 Filter Pumps. Industrial low to medium pressure submersible pumps with an integral self-cleaning filter on the suction intake. These robust filter pumps offer high volume pumping and screening - up to 75 m3 / hr, 330 US GPM.

  • Maximum Output - 75 m3 / hr, 330 US GPM
  • Maximum Head - 19 m, 62 ft

Price from: £8,470

Idrogo with nylon filter mesh

Idrogo Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Idrogo Filterpumps™. Medium-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filter on their intake. Stainless steel bodied pumps, ideal for domestic and small scale industrial use, delivering up to 120 litres per minute, maximum head 80 metres.

  • Maximum Output 120 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 80 m

Price from: £2,710

Jade 300 Filterpump™

Jade Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Jade Filterpumps™. Multistage submersible filter pumps with a stainless steel integral self-cleaning filter on the suction intake. Chrome-nickel stainless steel, 60 Hz motors, medium – high head, general purpose pumps - maximum output of 92 US GPM, maximum head of 160 ft.

  • Maximum output - 92 US GPM, 350 l / min
  • Maximum head - 160 ft, 48 m

Price from: £0

Jasper filterpump™ with stainless steel mesh intake

Jasper Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Jasper Filterpumps™. Submersible filter pumps with self-cleaning filter intakes. Low and medium head stainless steel pumps with a maximum output of 1000 l/min and a maximum head of 35 metres. Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel versions are also available for use in brackish water, seawater and harsh industrial conditions.

  • Maximum Output – 1000 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 35 m

Price from: £8,090

Nauti filterpump™

Nauti Filterpumps™

Rotorflush Nauti Filterpumps™. High-head submersible filter pumps with built-in self-cleaning filters on the suction intake. They have a maximum output of 220 litres a minute, and can pump up to 10 bar. Pumping and filtration are combined. All stainless steel construction.

  • Maximum Output 220 L/Min
  • Maximum Head 103 m

Price from: £2,590

RF100IND-Q Self-cleaning filter

RF100 Self-cleaning Filters

RF100 Range Self-cleaning Filters. RF100 self-cleaning filters are designed to protect dry mounted pumps and other equipment from blocking while water is being pumped. They are pump suction hose filters available with 1, 2, or 3 filter heads, for a range of flow rates up to 90 litres a minute, 24 US GPM. They can be fitted with 60, 115 or 250 micron mesh, US Mesh 230, 120 and 60.

  • Filter 30 – 90 L/Min, 8 – 24 US GPM
  • Screen 60, 115 or 250 Microns
  • US Mesh 230, 120 and 60

Price from: £280

RF200 self-cleaning filter fitted with woven mesh

RF200 Self-cleaning Filters

RF200 Self-cleaning Filters. RF200 self-cleaning filters provide effective screening for surface mounted pump intakes. The RF200 pump suction hose filters can screen from 50 microns - 6 mm, handling up to 220 litres a minute, 58 US GPM. A continuous backwash keeps the intake screen clear.

  • Screen Up to 220 L/Min, 58 US GPM
  • Filter From 6 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • US Mesh 3 Down to 230

Price from: £1,600

Shiny RF300 self-cleaning suction intake filter with sintered stainless steel filter mesh

RF300 Self-cleaning Filters

RF300 self-cleaning filters. RF300 self-cleaning filters provide effective screening for surface mounted pump intakes. The RF200 pump suction hose filters can screen from 50 microns - 6 mm, handling up to 560 litres a minute, 148 US GPM. A continuous backwash keeps the intake screen clear.

  • Screen Up to 560 L/Min, 148 US GPM
  • Filter From 3 mm Down to 50 Microns
  • Down to 230 US Mesh

Price from: £2,600

Rotorflush Filters - Invented on a Farm

The award-winning Rotorflush Self-cleaning filter system has its origins in Agriculture.  The first strainers and screens were developed specifically to handle dirty water on dairy farms - no one wants to tanker dirty water away.

Rotorflush self-cleaning intakes and filter pumps can also help keep irrigation equipment clear from blockage by weed and other water-borne debris, reducing maintenance and downtime. Good for crops, golf courses, livestock and more.

Using Rotorflush Products for Agriculture

Of the many uses farmers worldwide make of our self-cleaning suction intake filtration products, these are the most common:

Dirty Water Systems on Farms

Dirty water run-off from yards, milking parlours and livestock units is usually collected in a lagoon, settlement tank or a slurry pit with a weeping wall system. Slurry lagoons and settlement tanks often contain more water than manure. Pump filters, pipelines or irrigation nozzles will often block when pumping back to land using a conventional pump.

Rotorflush submersible filterpumps™ have an integral self-cleaning suction strainer that keeps the filter mesh and pump clear whenever the pump is in operation.   Time and time again, Rotorflush filter pumps have proved more effective than expensive to maintain peristaltic pumps.

Filtering out suspended solids at source concentrates solids in lagoons and tanks, and protects pumps and other equipment further down the line. This means less visits from the slurry tanker, more savings for you.

Dirty water irrigation
Idrogo with stainless filter mesh


All Rotorflush products are designed for use on pump suction; our filter pumps have a self-cleaning screen on the pump intake and our self-cleaning basket strainers and filters connect to the suction pipe of surface mounted pumps.

Drawing water for irrigating crops, lawns, golf courses, or for flooding or draining wetlands can be problematic. Even the cleanest raw water can contain weed and debris that may block pumps and the drip feeds and nozzles of irrigation equipment. Clearing blockages is time-consuming and costly.

Our filter pumps allow water to be pumped and screened at source. The self-cleaning inlet filter requires little maintenance and protects the pump, pipelines and irrigator nozzles from clogging.

For surface mounted agricultural dirty water pumps, our RF200R and RF400R filters can be fitted to suction intakes. They are specifically designed for surface mounted centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps. Again, the self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear whenever the pump is in operation. Find out more about these self-cleaning strainers and filters.

Irrigation hydroponics keep the water flowing salad

Livestock Watering

Raising livestock requires a lot of water. Livestock watering is becoming more and more complex as herds get bigger and new farming methods are adopted. Animals need access to fresh drinking water – and a surprisingly lot of it – see the table below.

Good livestock watering management requires investment, organisation and forward planning. The Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA-NI) offers the following advice:

“Farmers should develop contingency plans to get water to all stock in the event that water will be turned off. In many cases this will mean having sufficient stores and a means of getting it to the animals – a storage facility and a pumping system.”

Sourcing water for livestock watering can mean abstracting raw water from streams, ponds or other natural water sources.  Mains water is expensive, so making the best use of rainwater and recycling water where possible reduces costs.

Pumps, water trough ball valves and other equipment can easily become blocked or jammed by weed, debris and other water born solids. Water often needs to be cleaned before re-use.  Rotorflush self-cleaning strainers and submersible filter-pumps provide robust low maintenance filtration and pumping while protecting and extending the life of your equipment. We have supplied many farmers in the UK and abroad with pumps and strainers that have enable them to conserve water and reduced the time and effort that can be spent unblocking filters and repairing equipment.

The Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filter was invented by a dairy farmer. Our filters and filter pumps can help farmers put in place the systems they require for effective, safe and reliable livestock watering.

sheep drinking filtered water
RF300AR Self-cleaning Pump Suction Intake Filter for livestock watering and other applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Rotorflush self-cleaning filtration products are used for separating solids from dirty and contaminated water so that pumps, spray bars, irrigation and other equipment does not block or clog. Typical uses are:

  • Screening and pumping water from lakes, ponds and rivers
  • Screening and pumping dairy run-off from lagoons or settlement tanks
  • Filtering water ahead of irrigation equipment 
  • Complying with Eel regulations when abstracting raw water

All of our self-cleaning intake screens are specified to suit required flow rates, for instance filter pumps are recommended based on the flow rate and pressure your system needs and intake strainers and screens are specified according to the maximum flow through that is required. 

Consideration should be given to what mesh size you need - top tip, go for the largest mesh size you can get away with to minimise maintenance. This will be determined by the smallest aperture the water you are drawing needs to go through, for example a 3 mm irrigation nozzle or spray bar aperture.

If you need advice or more information please get in touch.

Increasingly, the Environment Agency makes taking steps to protect eels a condition of abstraction licences in England and Wales. These environmental regulations may have a bearing on the type of filter pump or strainer you need.  

Our Products can be sized to account for Eel Regulations or EPA rule 316(b) if applicable, so that intake velocity and mesh size meet regulatory requirements for the flow rate you require.

Use of our products in sludge from bio-digesters, raw sewage or livestock slurry is not recommended.  

Our strainers and filter pumps are ideal where the medium is dirty water contaminated with organic and fibrous particulate but only so long as the liquid is equal to or very near the viscosity of water.

Animal slurry and bio-digestate are too thick and concentrated for our self-cleaning screens to work effectively.

Not every submersible pump is suitable to be turned into a filter pump.

When we manufacture a filter pump we re-engineer the pump to have an additional impeller to provide the wash water to the screen without sacrificing the output of the pump. 

Re-engineering a pump can often invalidate its warranty. Therefore, we would highly recommend that you opt for one of our Filterpumps™ that come with their own 1-year warranty.

If however you have a particular pump that you would like to be made into a filter pump, please contact us to discuss.

Yes – because our products pump and filter directly from a dirty water source, there is less need for expensive in-line filtration. All our products have built-in self-cleaning back-washes that prevent intake screens from blocking, keep pumps clear and protect other connected equipment. This reduces maintenance, minimises downtime and can extend the life of pumps.

lagoon where all the veg washing water goes
RF400R as used by Charlie at Laleham

Vegetable Washing at Laleham Farm

Charlie said that the filters are “one of the most significant investments we’ve made” giving the “biggest continuing result” of any equipment.

Rotorflush Sales Team

Rotorflush Filters ltd

Vegetable washing water accumulates in a small lagoon that feeds into settlement tanks before being pumped out again for the next round of washing, this often causes blockages with his existing equipment.

Using a Rotorflush self-cleaning strainer the majority of the water used is recycled, water costs are considerably lower.

Read the Full Case Study

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People on site with filterpump

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Filterpump installation

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