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UK Water Industry is discovering the benefits of Rotorflush filters.

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UK Water Industry is discovering the benefits of Rotorflush Filters and submersible pumps with self-cleaning intakes.

Rotorflush Filters produce unique ranges of self-cleaning suction intake filters. These products hugely reduce the risk of the pump and strainer blockage when pumping water contaminated with suspended solids, weed and other debris. The UK Water Industry is discovering the benefits of Rotorflush Filters – they are ideal for filtering secondary and final effluent, for filtering ahead of discharge, and for protecting water monitoring equipment.

These filters and filter pumps with automatic backwash are proving very effective. Typical applications include final effluent filtration for wash water supply to inlet screens and for filtration where space is at a premium.  Rotorflush Filters also produce submersible pumps with built-in self-cleaning filters. These are particularly useful for providing the flow rate, pressure and filtration needed to keep spray bars and wash water systems running free. Rotorflush filterpumps™ comprise an efficient self-cleaning inlet filter and integrated multi-stage high-pressure submersible pump.  The pump is protected from blockage by the filter while the self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter clear, so there is no need for inline filtration on the pump outlet.

Water works

The usefulness and versatility of these pumps and strainers are increasingly being realised at the design stage of capital works, with self-cleaning intake filters being included in WWTW design specifications. Because these filter pumps are robust and require minimal maintenance, UK water companies are now starting to use these products as an alternative to more expensive in line filters, thereby reducing their capital costs and maintenance overheads.

Severn Trent, Scottish Water, Southwest water and Southern Water are already ahead of the game. Water industry interest has been sparked by the very successful use of smaller self-cleaning filter pumps and analyser filter systems for monitoring water quality. The advantages of a low-maintenance continuous filtered supply to analytical equipment have been scaled up for higher capacity applications.

Rotorflush filters now offer higher capacity and pressure submersible filter pumps with integral self-cleaning intake filters for even more low maintenance pumping and filtering.

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