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C J Hiscock

Submersible Filterpumps™ with Self-cleaning Intake

Rotorflush Filters Ltd manufacture and supply submersible pumps with self-cleaning intake screens. The intakes to our filter pumps have an automatic and continuous backwash that prevents debris from clogging the pump. Water is screened as it is pumped, enabling the use of multistage centrifugal pumps in challenging water conditions with minimal maintenance.

How do filter pumps work
C J Hiscock

How Rotorflush Self-Cleaning Filterpumps™ Work

How Rotorflush submersible pumps work. Our filter pumps all incorporate Rotorflush’s unique and patented integral self-cleaning filters on their intake – screening water as you pump.

C J Hiscock

How Do I Filter Water for my Heat Pump System?

How Do I Filter Water for my Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump to Prevent Blocking and Clogging? The answer, of course, is to use a Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filterpump™ to deliver the flow and pressure you need to your heat exchanger.