Self-cleaning Pond Pump Filter & Gunge Trap While Stocks Last!



Then this Self-cleaning Pond Pump Filter is for you!

Now only £29.99p including UK Mainland delivery and VAT!

These are the last available stocks of the Award Winning Rotorflush Self-Cleaning Pond Pump Filter

A self-cleaning pond pump filter with gunge trap for easy

infrequent pond pump maintenance.

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Hurry while stocks last!

Our Self-cleaning Pond Pump Filter cleans itself, providing a continuous supply of filtered water to the pump, stopping overheating and excessive wear caused by dry running.

  • Self-cleaning pond pump filter special offer Jim says..Run the filter for the whole season without maintenance
  • Will work in dirty conditions (even blanket weed!!)
  • Replaces sponge pre-filter on pond pumps
  • Fountain and water features always at maximum flow
  • Easy to fit
  •  Self-cleaning Pond Pump Filter prolongs pump life
  • Gently removes debris and wildlife from the filter
  • protects young newts (efts) and tadpoles
  • Saves the unpleasant chore of cleaning sponge pre-filter
  • Gunge trap catches debris for easy removal.
  • Pump Adapter, connecting hose and instructions provided.
  • Guaranteed 12 months

Unlike conventional sponge pond filters, the Rotorflush self-cleaning pond filter uses the power of your pump to continuously backwash the filter mesh whenever your pump is running.  The self-cleaning action gently removes weed, debris and delicate pondlife away from the filter.  The filter stays clear, newts and tadpoles are protected from the pump and you get a continuously filtered supply from your pond pump.

The addition of a Rotorflush Pond Filter Gungetrap keeps your garden pond tidy. The gentle vortex action of the self-cleaning pond filter ensures debris collects in the trap for easy removal.  Don’t delay – grab your Rotorflush Pond Filter and Gungetrap today!

Note pump connections may vary.

Recommended retail price was £49.95p.  This is OLD STOCK – EVERYTHING must go.

Now only £29.99p

including UK Mainland delivery and VAT!


Self-cleaning pond pump filter with gungetrap - special offer while stocks last! Amazing patented self-cleaning pond pump filter technology limitede stock everything must go

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