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How to Pump and Screen Dirty and Contaminated Water Without Blocking Your Pump

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How to Pump and Screen Dirty and Contaminated Water Without Blocking Your Pump (or any thing else along the way)

When dealing with dirty and contaminated water, it is essential to use equipment that can handle such conditions without getting blocked. There are many types of self-cleaning filter that can help prevent blockages in pumps, intake strainers, and other connected equipment when pumping dirty water. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pump dirty and contaminated water without blocking your pump, with the help of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and filter pumps:

1. Choose the Right Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filter:

Select a Rotorflush filter that is specifically designed for handling dirty and contaminated water. These filters are equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism that continuously cleans the filter mesh, preventing blockages.

2. Install the Rotorflush self-cleaning Filter:

Properly install the Rotorflush filter on the intake of your pump or connected equipment. Ensure that it is securely attached and positioned correctly to effectively filter out debris from the water.

3. Monitor the Self-Cleaning Process:

Keep an eye on the self-cleaning process of the Rotorflush filter. The filter will automatically backwash the screen whenever water is being pumped to remove any accumulated debris and prevent blockages.

4. Regular Maintenance:

Perform regular maintenance checks on the Rotorflush filter to ensure it is functioning correctly. Clean the filter mesh if necessary and inspect for any signs of wear or damage.

5. Self-cleaning Filters as Pre-Filtration:

When screening dirty water using for example a media filter, membrane filter, in-line or other filtration system designed to filter very finely, consider using a Rotorflush filter in the water source ahead of these systems.  This will reduce the load on your secondary filtration system, reducing maintenance, saving water and extending the life of your filters.

By following these steps and utilising a Rotorflush self-cleaning filter, you can effectively pump dirty and contaminated water without worrying about blocking your surface mounted pump with weed or debris. The self-cleaning intake strainer and any other connected equipment will also benefit from a steady supply of screened and filtered water.

There is another way to pump and filter in difficult water conditions. Rotorflush Filters Ltd also manufactures ranges of submersible pumps with built-in self-cleaning intake strainers and filters. Have a look at all our Self-cleaning Filterpumps™  and our Self-cleaning pump suction hose Filters.

This Article made reference to:

  1. Rotorflush Filters Ltd: A leading manufacturer of self-cleaning filters, providing detailed information on their products’ capabilities and applications in handling dirty and contaminated water.
  2. Water Online: An industry-specific online publication offering insights into water treatment technologies, including self-cleaning filters like those offered by Rotorflush.
  3. Pump Solutions Group (PSG): A global leader in fluid transfer technologies, providing valuable resources on pump systems and filtration solutions for challenging environments.

These sources were instrumental in providing accurate information on using Rotorflush filters to pump dirty and contaminated water effectively while preventing blockages in pumps and related equipment.

Very very difficult pumping conditions

Author: N. Aditya Madhav (Adityamadhav83)

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