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Self-Cleaning Suction Intake Filters & Strainers

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Self-Cleaning Suction Intake Filters & Strainers

Rotorflush Self-Cleaning Suction Intake Filters & Strainers are for use with surface mounted pumps. They are a welcome alternative to the traditional suction intake basket strainer. All our filters are self-cleaning automatic backwash filters – the self-cleaning mechanism prevents the filter blinding or the pump blocking.

Rotorflush filters fit to the pump suction hose of surface mounted pumps. They use the power of the water being pumped to continuously clean and clear the filter mesh. They provide an uninterrupted supply of filtered output, protecting your equipment from blockage.

Our self-cleaning suction intake filters & strainers enable the use of powerful multi-stage pumps in challenging water conditions.

Filter from 14 m3 to over 1000 m3 / hour

Our self-cleaning suction intake filters & strainers have capacities from 14 to 1000 cubic metres per hour. Screen apertures range from 60 microns to 10 mm, depending on models. They are used successfully and reliably within the water treatment industry and oil and gas sector, and for eel screening in raw water abstraction.

Our filters and screens deliver low maintenance, efficient filtration in very difficult conditions.

All our filters have an internal cleaning rotor that is powered by the pump output. By taking a ‘T’ off the output of the pump, a small flow of water is directed back to the filter. This flow drives the Rotorflush internal self-cleaning rotors.

The rotors continuously backwash the mesh screen, removing anything that might cause it to block. See ‘How Our Filters Work’ HERE


Anyone who has ever faced the problems caused by a blocked basket strainer will appreciate the low maintenance and efficient filtration delivered by Rotorflush self-cleaning strainers. Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and strainers allow pumps to operate in many situations where water is dirty or contains debris and particulate.


Eel Screening

Rotorflush Filters Ltd have designed, developed and now offer a range of purpose built, high open area, strainers for eel screening to enable compliance with current regulations for the protection of eels and provide an alternative to static band screens. These are large capacity pump suction hose self-cleaning intakes designed for low intake velocity.

Increasingly, abstraction licences are contingent on the installation of screens and equipment to protect elvers and glass eels.  These measures can be expensive and may even entail civil works to ensure the terms of the abstraction licence. Our intention was to design a suction intake filter that minimised both the approach velocity of water to a screen, and to maximise the open area of our screens to reduce the size of filters required for a given flow rate.

In addition, we believe that our cylindrical filters require less installation than other fixed structures in rivers and lakes, and that their inbuilt self-cleaning mechanism offers lower maintenance and better protection for eels.

Our Eel screens are built using tensioned 2 mm woven 316 stainless steel filter mesh. This offers an exceptional open area of around 66%, which enables us to keep the overall area of the filter to a minimum. Flow rates up to 1000 m3 / hr.

Glass Eel

Eel Friendly

Rotorflush filters are gently self-cleaning low intake velocity strainers and make ideal eel screens for water abstraction. Our self-cleaning filters are Eel friendly – our products can help with your compliance with the European Commission’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations which now apply in England and Wales.

Call for more information about using Rotorflush filters for eel screenings….

Rotorflush self-cleaning filters are ideal for:

  • Protecting irrigation equipment
  • Filtration for heat exchange and cooling
  • Open loop heat pump systems
  • Eel Regulation compliant abstraction
  • EPA Rule 316(b) compliant cooling water intakes
  • Municipal fountains
  • Recycling process water
  • Sample filtration
  • Anywhere a flow of filtered water is required.
  • ………….and much more……….

Need more capacity?

Larger capacity industrial self-cleaning filters with automatic backwash up to 500 m3 per hour (more if sharing a common outlet and backwash).

All our self-cleaning suction intake filters & strainers can work in fluids containing up to 2000 mg / litre total suspended solids, depending on flow rate. They produce a continuous filtered output which prevents downstream blockage to nozzles, valves and solenoids. Maintaining them is easy, infrequent and inexpensive. Their ease of use and minimal maintenance has led to a growing demand for these products across many industries.

Need less capacity?

Smaller capacity industrial self-cleaning filters with automatic backwash from 30 litres / minute to 90 litres / minute

We offer a range of small self-cleaning filters suitable for domestic and light industrial use. They filter from 30 to 90 litres per minute.
These robust, reliable and easily installed filters simply attach to your pump’s suction pipe. They can be applied to a host of home, garden and light industrial applications and make an ideal pond filter. For use where there is a need to filter, conserve and recycle water contaminated with suspended solids.

We also make self-cleaning suction intake filters & strainers with a built-in pump motor that drives the backwash independently of the pump output. This means that the backwash can be continuous and at a constant pressure and flow whether the main pump drawing water through the filter is demanding a high or low flow rate

This is particularly useful if your surface pump has a variable speed motor, as variations in pump output will not affect the self-cleaning mechanism of your filter.

Rotorflush filters are a robust long-lasting alternative to the traditional basket strainer. All but the smallest filters are made from stainless steel – marine grade steel can be provided if required – and they last for years.

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