Submersible Filterpumps with Self-cleaning Intakes

Submersible Filterpumps with Self-cleaning Intakes

Rotorflush Filters Ltd manufacture and supply submersible filterpumps with self-cleaning intake screens. The intakes to our pumps have an automatic and continuous backwash that prevents debris from clogging the pump.

This means that its possible to use high pressure centrifugal pumps in very dirty water. It also means that weed and particulate that might block other equipment is screened out of pumped water. Therefore, fountains, spray bars, irrigators, water monitoring equipment and heat pumps don’t get blocked by debris in the water.

The patented design of Rotorflush Filterpumps resolves the problem of blocked pumps in dirty water. Pumping and filtration is combined in one easy to install and very low maintenance submersible filterpump.

Our submersible filterpumps with self-cleaning intakes are very efficient, the automatic backwash does not reduce the pump’s output.

Submersible pumps with self-cleaning intakes 150 lpm up to 1000 lpm

See how our submersible filterpumps with self-cleaning intakes work HERE

submersible filterpumps up to 150 m3 / hr

Our filterpumps are submersible and continuously rated

Furthermore, they all have their own built -in self-cleaning filter. An additional impeller on the pump motor shaft drives the filter mechanism. This propels the cleaning jets that keep the filter mesh clear of any suspended solids, debris, etc to protect the pump and other equipment.

The filters on our pump inlets have a large open area and a low velocity intake. When these filterpumps fitted with 2 mm mesh they can comply with current regulations for Eel recovery.

It is not possible to retrofit these filters to most existing submersible pumps. Therefore, we have selected a variety of high quality pump models for our product ranges.

First we redesign the pump drive shafts and pump ends. We then add additional impellers. Finally, we fit the filter mesh to produce a submersible pump with a self-cleaning suction intake.

Our Ranges of Submersible Filterpumps with Self-cleaning Intakes

Submersible Pumps with Self-cleaning Filters – 220 L/min

Three ranges of high quality submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters built-in. The pumps prevent the pump and filter from blocking because they are fitted with self-cleaning filters. They use a continuous automatic backwash to keep mesh clear and deliver an uninterrupted supply of filtered output. They are ideal for use in water contaminated with suspended solids.

The self-cleaning inlet filters are capable of filtering up to 14 cubic metres per hour. They have screen apertures ranging from 60 to 315 microns. They protect the pump and other equipment from blockage thereby extending pump life and reducing maintenance to a minimum.

High pressure submersible filterpump

Submersible Pumps with self-cleaning Intake Screens – to 60 m3 / hr

Rotorflush Filters Limited offer a wide range of 1000 litre / minute capacity filterpumps to meet the ever growing needs of our customers.  Our versatile submersible filterpumps offer low medium and high pressure industrial pumping for a range of applications.

Submersible pumps with a self-cleaning intake are used:

  • throughout the water industry
  • on farms for removing dirty water and for irrigation
  • for cleaning up industrial waste water for disposal
  • for raw water abstraction
  • to protect heat pump installations and heat exchangers

And much more. We are continually improving our product ranges to meet the wide variety of applications and industries we now supply.

Full details of our 1000 litre / minute filterpumps can be found on the RUBI range, Sapphire 400 range,  Cobalt 400 range and Jasper 400 range web-pages.

Submersible Pumps with self-cleaning Intake Screens – to 150 m3 / hr

Rotorflush Filters Limited offer a several ranges of high capacity 1000 litre / minute plus filterpumps.  More and more people are discovering the benefits and convenience of our award-winning self-cleaning suction intake filters and filterpumps.  For this reason we continually endeavour to meet the ever growing needs of our customers.

Technical advances in many industrial sectors have created a growing demand for pumps that can operate efficiently and with minimal maintenance in often very dirty water. Regulations and directives for protecting fish and wildlife have also created a demand for our self-cleaning intakes for use in raw water and for abstraction for cooling systems.

Our ranges higher capacity pumps are capable of moving up to 150 m3 / hr and offer up to 140 metres head. Since their introduction in 2018 they are proving  a popular choice for agri-industrial water source heat pump applications.

Full details of our high volume filterpumps can be found on the RUBI range, Cobalt 600 range, Topaz 600 range and Sapphire 600 high pressure range web pages


Eel and wildlife friendly

Protecting eels by complying with EA regulations on the protection of the European eel
Rotorflush filters have a low intake velocity by design. The gentle backwash maintains a clear filter mesh. This means that our self-cleaning low intake velocity filterpumps and strainers make ideal eel screens for raw water abstraction in both fresh water and sea water .

Rotorflush filters are Eel friendly – our products can help with your compliance with the Environment Agency’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations which now apply in England and Wales.

So call for more information about using Rotorflush filters for eel screening.

Please Note: Our filters are designed for use in dirty water or liquids with a viscosity close to that of water. Our filters and filterpumps are NOT suitable for use in raw sewage or any other dirty water which contains oils or fat.