Small Self-cleaning Filters 30 – 90 litres / minute

Small Versatile Self-cleaning Suction Intake Filters for Domestic and Light Industrial Use

Small self-cleaning filters to protect pumps and filter mesh from blocking.

small self-cleaning filters - RF100 Duplex filterA range of small self-cleaning filters suitable for domestic and light industrial use. They filter from 30 to 90 litres per minute.
These robust, reliable and easily installed filters attach to your pump’s suction pipe. The compact, lightweight design of all the RF100 self-cleaning filters and their simple connections make them truly versatile. Consequently,  they can be applied to a host of home, garden and light industrial applications and make an ideal pond filter. Most of all they are for use where there is a need to filter, conserve and recycle water contaminated with suspended solids.

Small Capacity Self-cleaning Filters

Rotorflush’s range of small self-cleaning filters is a welcome alternative to traditional sponge filters or suction intake basket strainers. Our filters fit the suction hose of surface mounted pumps and some small submersible pond pumps. Moreover, all our filters are self-cleaning with a constant automatic backwash that continuously cleans the filter mesh. As a result, this  prevents the filter blinding or the pump and other equipment blocking while your pump is working.

They provide an uninterrupted supply of filtered water.  And they protect your equipment from blockage by gently removing debris and wildlife from the filter mesh. Their tough ABS and polypropylene construction make them ideal for use as a pond pump filter.

Our successful RF100 single small self-cleaning filters have been combined to produce a Duplex and Triplex version of the filter thereby giving maximum flows of 30, 60, or 90 litres per minute. In addition, we offer mesh sizes of 60, 115 and 260 microns. These light adaptable filters provide excellent filtration. This, in turn, allows pumps, pipes and nozzles to operate in water contaminated with suspended solids such as weed and debris.

Anyone who has ever faced the problems caused by a blocked basket strainer will appreciate the low maintenance and efficient filtration delivered by Rotorflush self-cleaning filters.

Kind to Wildlife

Tadpoles not blocking a pump or filter thanks to our small self-cleaning filters
Tadpoles not blocking a pump or filter

Because our filters have low intake velocities, most small aquatic creatures avoid the filter.  If they do get too close the cleaning action of the filter gently pushes aquatic life that might otherwise become trapped away from the filter mesh. So our self-cleaning filters all but remove the risks to small water creatures posed by fountain pumps, pond pumps and traditional basket or sponge filters. our larger filters amke ideal eel screens hwreEeel regulations apply when pumping raw water.


These filters are ideal for:

  • Protecting newts and tadpoles from pond pumps
  • Protecting equipment from weed and debris
  • Filtration of samples to online analysers
  • Small irrigation systems
  • Low flow rate industrial applications
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Pond pumps, small fountains and water features
  • Anywhere a flow of filtered water is required.
  • ………….and much more……….

Eel Friendly

Rotorflush filters are gently self-cleaning low intake velocity strainers and make ideal eel screens for water abstraction. Our self-cleaning filters are Eel friendly – our products can help with your compliance with the European Commission’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations which now apply in England and Wales. Call for more information about using Rotorflush filters for eel screens..


Not so small self-cleaning filters built into a submersible pump.

Need more capacity?

Larger capacity industrial self-cleaning filter pumps with automatic backwash from 80 to 220 litres per minute

All our pumps and filters can work in fluids containing up to 2000mg / litre total suspended solids, depending on flow rate. And because they produce a continuous filtered output they prevent downstream blockage to nozzles, valves and solenoids. Maintaining them is easy, infrequent and inexpensive. Their ease of use and minimal maintenance has led to a growing demand for these products across many industries.