Submersible Pumps with a Self-cleaning Intake – 1000 L/min

Large capacity - up to 1000 litres per minute

Submersible Pumps with a Self-cleaning Intake

BLUE is Pump intake and output
RED is continuous backwash to clear mesh

Rotorflush submersible pumps with a self-cleaning intake screen built-in pump dirty water with no worries.   The effective built-in self-cleaning intake filter protects the pump from clogging.  Also, while these pumps are in operation, a continuous backwash keeps the intake mesh clear.

This means that they can pump and filter in dirty water conditions that would normally defeat a conventional centrifugal pump.

These industrial submersible filterpumps continuously pump contaminated water without the high maintenance associated with usual intake screening. The filter mesh stays clean as a result of the effective self-cleaning filter.  Furthermore they also protect spray bars, irrigation nozzles and other connected equipment.

We build our larger filterpumps for use in harsh and dirty conditions where basket strainers will block. One easy to install ‘plug and play’ unit combines pumping and filtering.

Submersible Pumps with self-cleaning Intake Screens – to 60m3 / hr

Rotorflush Filters Limited offer a wide range of 1000 litre / minute capacity filterpumps to meet the ever growing needs of our customers.  More and more people are discovering the benefits and convenience of our award-winning self-cleaning suction intake filters and filterpumps.  For this reason we are continually improving our product ranges to meet the wide variety of applications and industries we now supply.

Submersible pumps with a self-cleaning intake are used:

  • throughout the water industry
  • on farms for removing dirty water and for irrigation
  • to protect heat pump installations
  • clean up industrial waste water for disposal
  • and for raw water abstraction
  • to protect heat pump installations and heat exchangers


Full details of our 1000 litre / minute filterpumps can be found on the RUBI range, Cobalt 400 range and Jasper 400 range web-pages

High flow rate high pressure submersible pump with self-cleaning intake filter, reinforced very cool

RUBI Heavy Duty Industrial Filterpumps

RUBI Range Submersible Pumps - very tough low maintenance industrial sunbmersible pumps with built-in self-cleaning filter mesh on the pump inlet
RUBI range filterpumps are heavy-duty industrial pumps ideal for use in harsh water conditions.

We offer a range of capabilities and pressures based around the extremely durable Tsurumi LH pump motors.  RUBI filterpumps are made from cast iron and have stainless steel intake filters. The self-cleaning suction intake is manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel.  RUBI submersible filterpumps can be used in seawater if self-sacrificing galvanic anodes are fitted.

The RUBI range offers low, medium and high head pumping and filtration, from 1.5 to 12 bars.

Cobalt 400 General Purpose Filterpumps

The Cobalt 400AR’s are a range of filterpumps with self-cleaning intakes offering low to medium head pumping and intake screening for general purpose use. So they are ideal for Irrigation, de-watering, supplying fountains and managing waste water.

Cobalt 400 filterpumps use fine or coarse intake screens. These filterpumps protect the pump and any downstream equipment from blockage, reducing maintenance to a minimum. Consequently, maintaining our submersible pumps with self-cleaning intakes is easy, infrequent and inexpensive. Their ease of use and minimal maintenance has led to a growing demand for these products across many industries.

Cobalt general purpose filterpumps offer flow rates up to 1000 litres / minute and up to 23 m head.

Cobalt general purpose submersible pump for de-watering, fountains, irrigation with integral self-cleaning filter

Jasper 400 316 Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps with self-cleaning Suction Intake

The Jasper 400AR range of 316 stainless steel filterpumps have 316 stainless steel suction intake screens.  This range of filterpumps offers low medium and high pressure pumping in harsh or saline environments.

The all 316 stainless steel pumps care complemented by our highly effective self-cleaning intake screens.  These filterpumps are therefore ideal for seawater and estuarine use.

Acidic or alkaline industrial environments will also benefit from their tough corrosion resistant construction.

Jasper stainless steel range of filterpumps offers flow rates up to 1000 litres / minute and up to 60m head.

“A major water company needed to provide a means for spray cleaning its first stage sewage separation screens. Potable water could not be used in such an application because of the danger of cross supply contamination and excessive cost, so we had to arrange for a suitably filtered continuous supply from the treatment works’ “final effluent” output.

While this is suitable for discharging into the water course, it nevertheless contains enough solid particles to require a normal filtration system to be cleaned at frequent intervals. We therefore specified a Rotorflush Filter-pump which continuously cleans its own filter without the need for manual intervention.

Initially, the customer specified water pressure turned out to be more than necessary for the job, but Rotorflush responded very efficiently by quickly modifying and returning the unit, which has since functioned perfectly with minimal attention.”

RUBI, Jasper 400 and Cobalt 400 Rotorflush submersible filterpumps have a maximum output of 1000 litres per minute.

Need less capacity?

Lower capacity industrial self-cleaning filter pumps with self-cleaning intake – from 80 to 220 litres per minute

All our pumps and filters are designed to work in dirty water. They produce a continuous filtered output which prevents blockage to pumps, nozzles, and valves. Maintaining them is easy, infrequent and inexpensive.

Smaller filterpumps are ideal for sampling water for analysers, and pumping and filtering raw water ahead of open loop heat pump installations.

Cute l'il Omnia filterpump with self-cleaning suction inlet filter smart as a button and ideal for sampling

Need more capacity?

Large capacity industrial self-cleaning filter pumps with self-cleaning intake  up to 150 m3 / h

As with all our filterpumps they produce a continuous filtered output which protects the pumps and  prevents downstream blockages.  Thee same ease of use and minimal maintenance has encouraged their use in more and more industrial;l sectors.

Large heavy-duty industrial submersible pumps that don’t block in difficult conditions are now in demand from the Oil and Gas sector, water industries, agriculture, food manufacturing and processing, and the power industry.

Large capacity filterpump with stand

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Filter water for:

Landscape irrigation – Waste Water Treatment – Fountains and water features – Laundries – Online analysers – Farm use – De-watering – Vegetable Washing – ………….and much more……….


Eel and wildlife friendly

The Environment Agency can place conditions on raw water abstraction licences in order to protect eels and other wildlife. Typically, this can be a constraint on the velocity of abstraction at a raw water intake and on the mesh size a used to screen the intake – usually 2 mm aperture or less.

Rotorflush filterpumps fitted with 400 mm diameter intakes comply with EA Eel regulations requiring an intake velocity of 0.1 metres / second up to the following flow rates:

RUBI, Jasper, Cobalt, Topaz and Sapphire ranges with 400 mm diameter intakes fitted with 2 mm mesh: Up to 540 litres / minute

Protecting eels by complying with EA regulations on the protection of the European eel
Rotorflush filters have a low intake velocity by design. The gentle backwash maintains a clear filter mesh. This means that our self-cleaning low intake velocity filterpumps and strainers make ideal eel screens for raw water abstraction in both fresh water and seawater.

Rotorflush filters are Eel friendly – our products can help with your compliance with the Environment Agency’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations which now apply in England and Wales.

So call for more information about using Rotorflush filters for eel screening.

Please Note: Our filters are designed for use in dirty water or liquids with a viscosity close to that of water. Our filters and filterpumps are NOT suitable for use in raw sewage or any other dirty water which contains oils or fat.