Submersible Pumps with Self-cleaning Filters – 220 L/min

Medium capacity - up to 220 litres per minute

Submersible Pumps with Self-cleaning Filters – 220 L/min

submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters - Omnia submersible pump with integral self-cleaning intakeA range of high quality submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters built-in.  The pumps are fitted with self-cleaning filters that prevent the pump and filter from blocking. They use a continuous automatic backwash to deliver an uninterrupted supply of filtered output. They are ideal for use in water contaminated with suspended solids.

The self-cleaning inlet filters are capable of  filtering up to 14 cubic metres per hour. They have screen apertures ranging from 60 – 315 microns. They protect the pump and other equipment from blockage. They extend pump life and reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Pumping and Filtering combined

Our industrial submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters are an efficient 21st Century replacement to pumps with plain inlet screens or traditional basket strainers that easily get blocked.  Their built-in automatic backwash prevents the filter from blinding and the pump from blocking in the very dirty water. Pumping and filtering are combined in one easy to install ‘plug and play’ unit.

“We have used the filter pump range on a number of our installations where water source quality was likely to be a problem e.g.: rivers, ponds, rainwater harvesting. The pumps have performed the task and provided a simple solution to what may have been an expensive and complicated alternative. We have found Rotorflush an excellent Company to deal with, both on the sales and technical side.”

Our submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters deliver up to 225 litres / minute at up to 10 bars of filtered water. These Nauti and Idrogo range submersible pumps are designed for fine filtration. They are fitted with a standard 300,115 or 60  micron filter screens (300 Micron = 0.3mm). Our low head Omnia range will hande coarser screens up to 3mm.

submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters - RUBI Large Filterpump with self-cleaning filter

Need more capacity?

Large capacity industrial submersible pumps with self-cleaning filters deliver up to 120 m3 / hr. Their automatic backwash runs continuously while the pump is running to keep the intake screen clear.

All our pumps and filters can work in fluids containing up to 2000mg / litre total suspended solids, depending on flow rate.  They produce a continuous filtered output which prevents downstream blockage to nozzles, valves and solenoids.  Maintaining them is easy, infrequent and inexpensive. Their ease of use and minimal maintenance has led to a growing demand for these products across many industries.

Filter water for:

  • Landscape irrigation
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Fountains and water features
  • Laundries
  • Online analysers
  • Farm use
  • Vegetable Washing
  • ………….and much more……….

Eel Friendly

Rotorflush filters are gently self-cleaning low intake velocity strainers and make ideal eel screens for water abstraction. Our self-cleaning filters are Eel friendly – our products can help with your compliance with the European Commission’s Eel Recovery Plan (Council Regulation No.1100/2007) and The Eel Regulations which now apply in England and Wales. Call for more information about using Rotorflush filters for eel screens.