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MixedHomepage-Self-cleaning-Filter-ProductsWe offer two main product sets incorporating our unique and patented self-cleaning filtration system:

Submersible filterpumps with integral self-cleaning pump intake filters

Self-cleaning suction filters and strainers for use with dry mounted pumps

All our self-cleaning pump intake filters have low velocity intake. The constant backwash keeps the filter screen clear of debris without interrupting the flow.

Submersible filterpumps with integral self-cleaning pump intake filtersSubmersible pumps with self-cleaning intakes mixed2

The first type of product is a submersible filterpump with integral self-cleaning intake filter.

Our filterpumps are submersible and continuously rated. They all have their own built -in self-cleaning filter. The filter mechanism on the pump is driven by an additional impeller on the pump motor shaft. The cleaning jets keep the filter mesh clear of any suspended solids, debris, etc to protect the pump and other equipment.

The filters on our pump inlets have a large open area and a the low velocity intake. These filterpumps  fitted with 2mm mesh  comply with current regulations for Eel recovery.  It is not possible to retrofit these filters to an existing submersible pump.  We have selected a variety of high quality pump models for our product ranges. We then redesign the drive shafts and pump ends, then add additional impellers to produce a submersible pump with a self-cleaning suction intake.

We offer submersible pumps from 150 litres /minute up to 1800 litres /minute, and mesh sizes from 60 microns (on smaller submersibles) to 6mm.

RF600R self-cleaning pump intake filter for screening very dirty waterSelf-cleaning suction filters and strainers

The second type of filtration product we offer are self-cleaning filters for use with surface mounted pumps.  These stainless steel filters are extremely tough and require little maintenance. You may want to jet wash them before storage, and the rubber nozzles on the jets may need replacement after 3 or 4 years.

Our filters are driven by taking a tee off the filtered output of your pump and sending a flow of filtered water back to the filter.  This flow of water drives the backwash mechanism inside the filter cage. The cleaning effect is the same as the submersible pump filters.  These filters have no power source other than your pump when it is in operation. Have a look at the ‘How it works’ document attached.

We offer self-cleaning filters from 30 litres /minute up to over 1000 m3 / hour, and mesh sizes from 60 microns (on smaller filters) to 6mm.

We can also design and build self-cleaning intake strainers to suit your particular requirements