Filtration Knowledge Pages

Our Filtration Knowledge Pages

Rotorflush Filters Limited – experts in the filtration of suspended solids from water.  Our filtration knowledge pages describe differing self-cleaning filtration products. Learn how they work and why you may need them.

Our products are being used on farms, in water treatment works and for sampling for water analysis. They are used to clean laundry water for recycling. Our filter pumps supply heat pumps and are used in many more industries where there is a need to filter dirty water.

Our filtration knowledge and advice can help you decide which is the best filter to use. Here you will find useful information about liquid solids separation, self-cleaning filter pumps, suction strainers and filters. There is also information on the most appropriate filtration for different applications and varying levels of dirty water.

Why You Need a Self-cleaning Pump Filter

Blocked vertical pump filter
Blocked Pump? Wouldn't it be great to filter dirty water at source and not have to worry about the filter clogging, the pump failing or other equipment blocking up?
Find out why you need a Rotorflush self-cleaning filter


Eel and Fish Screening

eel2Our self-cleaning filters are Eel friendly.

The design of our filters gives them a low intake velocity and a high open area.
For most flow rates they comply with current Eel regulations when pumping and abstracting raw water.


Product Information

one of eachWe offer two main product sets incorporating our unique self-cleaning filtration system:

Submersible filterpumps with integral self-cleaning intake filters

Self-cleaning suction filters and strainers


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Frequently Asked Questions

WaterQuestionTo meet your filtration requirements we need as much information as possible about your water quality, location, flow rate and more.

Find out what you need to ask us and what we need to ask you.


Choosing the Right Self-cleaning Filter

Self cleaning filtersThe uses for Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and submersible filterpumps are many and various.
All you need to know about filters and filtration.



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