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Why You Need a Self-cleaning Pump Filter

C J Hiscock


Wouldn’t it be great to have a self-cleaning pump filter and not have to worry about the pump filter clogging or the pump failing?

Our robust and reliable self-cleaning intake strainers and submersible filter pumps filter out debris which blocks pumps. They keep their filter screens clear and clean with a continuous automatic backwash system. A self-cleaning pump filter ends the worry of a constantly blocking filter or pump.

Our filters allow the use of high pressure, multi-stage pumps in water contaminated with suspended solids  – e.g. final effluent, flood water, lake and river water, and waste water from industry.  A blocked filter can quickly cause a pump to dry run and damage the pump motor – unless it has a suction-side Rotorflush self-cleaning pump filter.

In addition, valuable equipment – heat exchangers, water features, irrigation equipment, fountains etc – are protected from blocking.  At the least this saves on downtime and maintenance, and at best protects against loss of expensive machinery.

Unlike traditional basket strainers, Rotorflush self-cleaning pump filters and intake strainers do not blind or clog. Pumps using our filters do not get blocked, and wildlife and downstream equipment are protected.

Maintenance is minimal, downtime is reduced, and damage to equipment is avoided.  Our self-cleaning intake filters ensure a continuous filtered supply from your pump in very dirty water conditions.   All our filters are truly – and continuously – self-cleaning.

Our self-cleaning intakes are suitable for use where regulations apply for the protection of eels and for EPA rule 316(b) cooling water intake compliance. Call us to find out more.

Keep fountains running, stop irrigators blocking, re-cycle dirty water, filter rainwater, leave weed in the pond…….

We also supply submersible pumps with our award-winning intake filters integrated into their design

Water filtration and pumping combined. Our submersible filterpumps™ with a built self-cleaning pump filter combine suction intake filtration and pumping directly from a water source.  All our submersible filter pumps have a built-in self-cleaning mechanism driven by an additional impeller in the pump.

Installation and operation are simple, put it in the water and plug it in.  The self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter clean and the pump delivers filtered water – output is uninterrupted by the backwash.

Typical uses are filtering and pumping water from dirty lagoons lakes or rivers, filtering wash water for water treatment works, filtering water used in industrial processes and many, many other applications where dirty water is recycled or needs to be cleaned up before disposal.

Our filter pumps can help you with compliance to EA Regulations for Eel Screening

…….clean up water for disposal, filter at source to your heat pump, pump waste water to trash screens…….

Self-cleaning Filter System for Analysers

Rotorflush Filters Ltd has developed and refined a unique sampling and filtration system to prevent water-borne particulate and debris from sample water clogging and blocking analytical equipment.

Originally developed to protect per-acetic acid monitoring equipment the system has evolved and is now used throughout the UK water industry and food manufacturing industry to protect ammonia, phosphate and other monitoring equipment.

The system filters from a static head within a fast loop system and filters down to 60 microns.  The equipment is chemically neutral and corrosion resistant.  A self-cleaning filter head protects sensitive equipment while keeping its mesh clear with a continuous backwash. Maintenance is very low and infrequent, making the Rotorflush RF100ANQ analyser filter system ideal for use at remote or unmanned sites.

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