Keeping the Greens Green and the Fairways Fair for the Ladies European Tour

Low Maintenance Irrigation on the Links

As this summer approaches preparations are already being made at the prestigious Plzen Golf Park in the Czech Republic for the Pilsen Golf Masters Ladies European Tour.

The Ladies European Tour – Europe’s leading women’s professional golf tour – returns to the Czech Republic for a third time this August. The UK’s most successful female player and professional golfer Melissa Reid has been chosen as the face of the tournament.

The condition of the course and park has to be near perfect. An abundance of natural water – a lake, ponds and a small stream make irrigation easy and golfing interesting. The fairways and greens have to be exhibition standard.

In spite of the floods earlier this month the course is now open for business, and in anticipation of drier weather grounds staff have sensibly invested in three Rotorflush self-cleaning intake strainers for their irrigation systems, each capable of delivering 60 m3/hour of water filtered to 3mm. The filters operate on the pump intake, protecting pumps and irrigation equipment from blockage and damage, and guaranteeing a filtered supply with minimal maintenance. This frees up staff to prepare the course for visitors and ensure the highest standard of golfing surfaces.

A unique self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filters free of weed and other detritus so that pumps and irrigation equipment can be left to run with minimal maintenance. Guaranteeing a filtered supply of water is very important for course irrigation system design and implementation. All greens need irrigation and some courses irrigate both fairways and rough. Irrigation requirements vary across the course and with climate; a guaranteed filtered water supply with minimal downtime from blockages or filter blinding means that irrigation requirements can be accurately planned and executed.

A good irrigation regime with adequate and timely coverage is critical if the greens are to remain green and the fairways fair for this season’s golfing. Contact RotorflushFilters Ltd for more information.

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