Sample pump for analysers

The O1608-16 sample pump is a low head submersible filter pump with an integral self-cleaning filter for use with on-line analyser systems and dosing pumps. It is the most popular of our smaller filterpumps for use supplying samples protecting analytical equipment.

It produces a filtered output of fluid which prevents blockage to nozzles, valves and solenoids. This Filter Pump is available in single phase, with or without float switch.

The O1608-16 combines filtering and pumping directly from the source water being sampled.  It's ease of use and installation and extremely low maintenance has made this filter pump one of our most popular products.

Fitted with 60, 115 or 300 micron filter mesh, it can be used to filter sample water on its own or as a supply to our RF100ANQ On-line Analyser filter system. Watch a video

The RF100AN-Q Analyser Filter System is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers and dosing pump systems with almost no maintenance.

It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solid for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers.

The small pump delivers the sample to your analyser and drives a self-cleaning filter that prevents the filter mesh, pump and analyser from blocking and blinding.

This wall mounted unit has a continuous flow through the tank – ideal for fast loop systems.  The pump self-cleaning filter in the tank withdraws filtered  sample water and delivers between 0 and 16 litres per minute your analyser.