How Rotorflush Filterpumps Benefited a District Heat Pump Intake System in Liverpool

Find out how Rotorflush’s bespoke filterpumps screen and pump water for a district heat pump intake system in Liverpool Docks…..

Rotorflush Filters Ltd was contacted by KJB Water & Process Engineering Ltd on behalf of a customer wanting to screen water for a heat pump intake system.

As Consulting Engineers, KJB has been approached to design the water intake and abstraction for a prestigious district heat pump project on the river Mersey.

After discussing the requirements with the client, we proposed manufacturing and supplying submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intake screens.

The customer opted for the suggested option of building the filterpumps around Tsurumi 316 stainless 80SFQ pumps incorporating our patented, self-cleaning suction intake.

The heat pump intake system equipment had to be suitable for use in salt water, as the Mersey is tidal at the abstraction points; current regulations for the protection of eels and elvers placed constraints on the screen mesh size of 2 mm aperture or less and a screen intake velocity of 0.1 metres a second or less.

Rotorflush filterpumps enable water to be pumped and screened simultaneously; the intake screens are continuously backwashed to prevent blocking whenever the pumps are running.  

Like all of our filterpumps, the intake features an extra impeller to provide the backwash that keeps the screen clear without sacrificing any of the pump’s output. Four Rotorflush filterpumps give the heat pump intake system flexibility to vary the intake demand.

By scaling the intake size up to 600 mm diameter, the 54 m3 / per hour per pump required stays below the 0.1 m second intake speed. Fitted with 2 mm mesh, these pumps will reliably deliver their duty while ensuring that eels and other marine life are protected, with an estimated maintenance schedule of only once every 12 months. Really low maintenance.

The Rotorflush RUBI 80SFQ filterpumps were fitted with an all 316 cage, mesh and a custom DN100 outlet to replace the JIS 10K standard flange that comes with the pumps.  In addition, as a ‘belt and braces’ measure, we also fitted sacrificial anodes to give protection against galvanic corrosion. Other bespoke design features included location tabs on the bottom plate to ensure the pumps could be located correctly on their underwater stand.

And they look great.

Here at Rotorflush Filters Limited, we love working with you to find a solution that fits your requirements. We offer bespoke design and expert filtration advice for hassle free pumping and screening in all kinds of water conditions.

Enquiries to Rotorflush Filters Ltd on +44 (0)1297 560 229 or via our Contacts page

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