Hydroponics Water Filters

Self cleaning filters and submersible pumps with self-cleaning intake filters for hydroponic systems

Hydroponics Water Filters     Hydroponics water filters for growing tomatoes

Filtration is important in hydroponic systems to maintain a clean water supply and nutrient solution. Keeping the water clean and debris free reduces the risk of disease. Hydroponics water filters make better use of water and keep cultivation systems clean.

Water filter products for hydroponic cultivation systems fall into two main categories. In the first category are ultrafine or micro filtration filters. These remove chemicals and dissolved impurities in the source water.  In the second category are hydroponics water filters for irrigation. These protect nozzles, pipes and drip irrigation equipment as water is circulated and recycled day to day.

Irrigation systems used for hydroponics typically take water from rivers, lakes or mains supplies. Water is held in a holding tank and recycled to the tank for re-use. This same tank may be also be used to hold collected rainwater.

Filter pump action self-cleaning intake on submersible pumpRotorflush self-cleaning filter products make ideal hydroponics water filters.  The installation of a Rotorflush self-cleaning submersible filter-pump filtering to 100 or 60 microns will ensure the low maintenance and smooth running of the system, keeping emitters and pipework blockage free.

The advantage of our self-cleaning filters is that they can be used directly in your water source. The self-cleaning mechanism is water powered as long as water is being pumped. The filter stays clear and water filtered to as low as 60 microns can be supplied to irrigation systems. Filter maintenance is very low and the self-cleaning action is continuous without interrupting the water supply.

Hydroponics water filters are essential where a continuous filtered supply of water is required. Our filters are ideal for use with settlement tanks and for ensuring organic matter and suspended solids remain behind when supplying hydroponic equipment.

We also produce submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intake filters. Filtration and water circulation can be combined in one easy to install and use filter pump.

Maintaining the correct balance of minerals and nutrients within a hydroponic system often requires close monitoring of water quality ahead of dosing pumps.

hydroponics water filter for growing peppersOur analyser filter system is designed to provide filtered sample water to analysers from a constant head. Used in a fast loop system the RF100AN analyser filter can provide a constant filtered supply to monitoring equipment.

The self-cleaning filter head prevents debris and suspended solids from reaching analysers and constantly backwashes to keep the filter mesh clear.

Find out more about how our self-cleaning filtration products can be integrated into your hydroponic cultivation systems.

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