Dirty Water Irrigation

Dirty Water Irrigation and Dewatering Slurry Lagoons without Continually Unblocking your Equipment

Dirty Water Irrigation Systems –  dirty water irrigation nozzles not blocking

Dirty water irrigation and dewatering slurry lagoons present particular filtration problems.  No-one wants to tanker dirty water away, yet pumping dirty water to irrigators often results in blocked strainers, pumps, pipework and nozzles.

dirty farm yard runnoff for dirty water irrigation lagoonDirty water runoff from yards, milking parlours and livestock units is usually collected in a lagoon, settlement tank or a slurry pit with a weeping wall system. Slurry lagoons and settlement tanks often contain more water than manure.

Some of the suspended solids settle, but some are nearly the same density as water and do not settle out quickly.  There is often a small pump to pump the partially settled effluent up a pipeline to be irrigated on the fields.

Pump filters, pipelines or irrigator nozzles will often block when pumping out using a conventional pump.

Rotorflush submersible filterpumps have an integral self-cleaning suction strainer. The self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear whenever the pump is in operation. This makes them ideal pumps for dirty water irrigation and pumping from settlement tanks and lagoons.

Filtering out suspended solids at source concentrates solids in lagoons and tanks, and protects pumps and other equipment further down the line. This means less visits from the slurry tanker, more savings for you.

How Rotorflush filterpumps handle dirty water irrigationRotorflush filters work best in lagoons and final stage settlement tanks but are less suitable for weeping wall systems.  A Rotorflush filterpump sited in a lagoon or settlement tank will pump a large proportion of the water out without blocking, leaving the solids behind. The filtered water can either be pumped into a dirty water irrigation system or straight out to an irrigator.

The self-cleaning inlet filter requires little maintenance. The filter protects the pump, pipelines and irrigator nozzles from blockage and stops the majority of weed seeds from being sprayed on the land.

For best results we recommend a system using a filterpump,

Nauti high pressure filterpump with self-cleaning filter for dirty water irrigation

control panel and float switches. Water levels can be controlled and the pump protected against dry running. Nastec Pilot Control Panel

The result is truly low maintenance dirty water irrigation.

Our filterpumps have been used successfully with Briggs Irrigators and K-Line irrigation systems.

Contact Rotorflush Filters to find the best pumping and filtering equipment for your dirty water irrigation system.


For surface mounted agricultural dirty water pumps, our RF200R and RF400R filters can be fitted to suction intakes. They are specifically designed for surface mounted centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps. Again, the self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear whenever the pump is in operation. Find out more about these self-cleaning strainers and filters HERE

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