Analyser Filters and Sample Pumps to Protect Water Monitoring Equipment

Sample Pumps with Self-cleaning Suction Intake Filters and Self-cleaning Filters for Analysers

Analyser Filters and Sample Pumps with Self-cleaning Intakes

Rotorflush RF100AN analyser filter system
Wall-mounted Analyser Filter System with Self-cleaning Filter

Monitoring the quality of raw water, process water and waste water requires the use of expensive analytical equipment.   Ensuring compliance to statutory and other regulations often requires continuous analysis.  Self-cleaning analyser filters and sample pumps with self-cleaning intakes can help ensure a continuous supply of sample water to your equipment.

Many industry sectors now routinely test for concentrations of Chlorine, Phosphate and Ammonia in their water, as well as Turbidity.

Analyser Filters and Sample Pumps in an Analyser kiosk
Rotorflush Analyser Filter System in an Analyser Kiosk

Good low maintenance sample preparation and filtration is essential to ensure accurate results and to protect instrumentation.

Analyser tubes and cells are particularly susceptible to blockage by suspended particles in sample water. Y-strainers and cartridge filters can address this but require frequent and therefore costly maintenance.  Fortunately Rotorflush Filters Ltd have developed self-cleaning filtration products specifically for use with  analysers.

These products are ideal for:

  • Filtering out suspended solids from sample water
  • Providing a continuous supply of filtered sample water
  • Preventing clogging and blocking of analysers


Our self-cleaning filters allow analysers and sample pumps to operate in very dirty water conditions. The filters provide an uninterrupted flow of screened sample water for analysis. The filters do not get blocked by debris, weed or suspended solids in the sample water because they are continuously backwashed.

Our filters for analysers will operate 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance (we recommend our filter pumps are inspected every two months).

Analyser Filters and Sample Pumps on the same fast loop system

Analyser Filters and Sample Pumps - low head sample pump
Rotorflush Submersible Sample Pump with Self-cleaning Intake Filter

Smart water companies have taken advantage of the maintenance cost savings available by using our submersible sample filterpump in the water source to provide pre-filtered sample water to a kiosk mounted Analyser Filter System.

Rotorflush sample pumps combine filtration and pumping in one unit and protect analysers from blockage by contaminated sample water. The pump and filter mesh remain clear because a unique and patented self-cleaning mechanism keeps the pump intake screen clear of debris.

An Analyser Filter System incorporating a self-cleaning intake filter can also be used to protect equipment. These units are particularly useful where an accurate controlled supply to analytical equipment is required. They can be fitted with 60 micron filter mesh.

A combination of sample filterpump and analyser filter system can be used on the same fast loop system for very difficult water conditions.

Our effective self-cleaning filters are fast becoming essential tools for sampling and pre-filtration of water for analysis.

Find out more by contacting Rotorflush Filters to discuss your project or application.

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