Farming Pumps and Filters

How self cleaning filters and filter pumps with self cleaning suction intakes can benefit farmers

Self cleaning screens for farming pumps and filtersFarming Pumps and Filters – Dirty Water Solutions for Agriculture

Farms use a lot of water. This can be mains water, water taken from streams, rivers or ponds, or rainwater run off.  Water is used for vegetable washing, irrigation, livestock watering, washing down dairy and pig units and much more. Theres no doubt about it, in modern farming pumps and filters are vital equipment.

Indeed the inspiration for the invention and development of our products comes from our Managing Director’s time as a dairy farmer: fed up with continually having to unblock pumps and pipework, he invented a purpose built solution to the problem of filtering dirty water on his farm.

The storage, dispersal or re-use of dirty water is always a concern. Rotorflush self cleaning filter-pumps and strainers have been designed to efficiently pump water and leave behind suspended solids that may block pumps and other equipment. Dirty water from settlement tanks and lagoons can be pumped back to land efficiently and with minimum pump and filter maintenance.

Having the means to separate suspended solids from otherwise dirty water means that for many agricultural uses water can be re-used and re-cycled. Farming pumps and filters can be used to better mange water supplies. This cuts the costs of water to farms and makes better use of a precious resource. Water can be filtered for use as:

  •  water for milk cooling in dairy parlours
  • livestock drinking water
  • dirty water irrigation without blocking irrigators
  • used and reused for vegetable washing equipment
  • Re-cycling water for washdown


Water and power costs can in many cases be reduced, as well as avoiding the costs or penalties for discharging dirty water to waste. Rotorflush Filters Ltd continue to supply grateful farmers all over the UK and beyond with Rotorflush self cleaning filters and filter pumps as a vital component to their dirty water systems.


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