Self Cleaning Inline Filter System with continuous backwash and automatic purge


The SOB001 is a tough Inline filter system designed to efficiently remove solids from industrial waste water under pressure.  Developed for filtering waste water in industrial laundries our inline filter system will handle hot water to 80°C contaminated with lint and fibres, filtering down to 30 microns. There are considerable cost and energy savings to be gained from recycling industrial waste water and recovering energy.

The SOB001 is a fully automated low maintenance self-cleaning filter. The system automatically monitors temperature, flow rate, water pressure, and the accumulation of waste material. Touch screen controls make setup, use and maintenance very easy.

Water usage and disposal costs are reduced and productivity is not affected by stoppages – Rotorflush’s in-line filter provides a continuously filtered supply even while purging. The system can filter up to 25 m3 per hour at up to 8 bar.

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Key Features

  • Inline filter capacity up to 25 cubic metres per hour
  • Pressure up to 8 bar (SOB001) higher pressure to order
  • Liquid temperatures to 80 degrees ℃
  • Filtration 30 - 300 microns
  • Ideal inline filter for removing lint and fibres
  • Automatic pneumatic purge valve (compressed air)
  • Single phase motor with variable speed drive
  • All 316 stainless steel construction vessel and filter system
  • Quick release lid and sight glass
  • Solid waste handling
  • Touch screen programmable controls
  • Low maintenance, reduces water and disposal

Fully Automatic Self cleaning Inline Filter


SOB001 Complete 1 Self cleaning Inline filterFully Automatic Self Cleaning Inline Filter System

Rotorflush’s Self Cleaning Inline Filter System is a fully automated and very efficient means of removing particulate and suspended solids from industrial wastewater. It has been developed to meet the increasing demand for effective worry free filtration in industrial processes across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Originally developed as a hot water filtration system for commercial laundries, our self cleaning inline filter is a fully automatic system for waste water recycling and re-use or heat exchange. Dirty laundry water is hot, soapy and contains fine lint fibres. The SOB001 is very efficient at removing lint, fibres and other solids from industrial wastewater and can filter down to 30 microns if required.

At its heart is the unique Rotorflush self-cleaning inline filter which removes particulate and suspended solids from dirty water at up to 350 litres a minute. The self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter screen clear and delivers a continuous supply of reusable filtered waste water.  As debris is builds up in the tank the automatic purge clears it away – and you get an uninterrupted output of filtered water for re-use or disposal.

The SOB001 self cleaning inline filter system is a truly industrial product: its body and stand are 316 stainless steel, as is the filter cage.  A light and powerful 0.37 kW ABB motor drives the self-cleaning filter and all the peripheral equipment – valves, actuators and electronics – are sourced for durability.

This over-engineering means that the Rotorflush In-line Filter System is as reliable as it is robust ideal for hot harsh conditions in industrial laundries.

Touch screen programmable controls automatically monitor temperature, flow rate, water pressure, the pressure differential across the filter and the accumulation of waste material. Maintenance is easy and controls can be set to suit your particular application.

Stackable SolidsSOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter explained

As an optional extra to the SOB Self-cleaning Inline Filter, Rotorflush can provide a basic dewatering system to allow solid waste material to be removed from the purge water for easy storage.  Whenever the SOB001 Automatic Inline Filter empties,  the accumulated removed solids are drained beneath the unit. The wastewater is then pumped back into the system and the strained waste material can be removed for disposal.

The waste purge water can be recycled and re-used.  This makes the system extremely water efficient.




SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter flow through diagramHow it works….

Dirty water is pumped under pressure into the Inline Filter vessel.

The variable speed motor controls the self-cleaning mechanism inside the pressure vessel – speed increases as particulate builds up.  Filtered water leaves the pressure vessel for re-use or disposal.

A pressure switch operated by the differential pressure across the filter opens the purge valve for a few seconds when the solids inside the filter pressure vessel begin to affect the inline filter.

The tank is purged, debris and a small amount of unfiltered water are released, the pressure difference equalises and the purge valve closes.   Filtration continues.


Models & Specification

Rotorflush SOB001 Self Cleaning Inline Filter System CharacteristicsSOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter complete with sump component parts

Operational Features

The base and main vessel of the Rotorflush Inline Filter System are made of stainless steel; as are all connections and fittings.

The system includes a pneumatic knife valve for purging waste material. Purging is automatic: a differential pressure transducer controls the backwash motor speed. Purging is activated by buildup of waste and / or a timer.

The Filter System is controlled via a Touch Screen PLC displaying:

  •     Differential pressure across the filter
  •     Motor speed
  •     Time elapsed since last purge
  •     Number of purges in the past 24 hr. period
  •     On-screen warnings for blocked purge pipe and solids build up in the vessel


The screen allows users to set the interval between purges and the length of time the purge valve stays open.

Self Cleaning Inline Filter Construction

  SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter motor

SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter sight glass detail

Vessel 316 Stainless Steel
Quick Release lid 316 Stainless Steel
Filter screen area 525 cm2
Screen sizes standard 30, 60, 115 and 300 micron available
Self Cleaning Filter Rotor Acetal
Rotary Seal Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide
Rotor Bearings Sealed Roller 316 Stainless Steel
Filter cage 316 Stainless Steel
Sight Glass Toughened Glass

SOB001 Inline Filter System Motor


IP Class Frequency Voltage Power kW Speed Current Purge Air Compressor
IP55 50 Hz 230 V 0.37 Variable 1.64 A 5 bar min.

Pressure Vessel and Body Dimensions (mm)
Height mm 1252
Filter Diameter mm 480
Weight (Kg) 220


SOB001 InLine Filter System Dimensions

Self cleaning Inline filter view in operation

SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter with sump dimensions diagram

SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter dimension diagram 2

SOB Self cleaning Inline filter complete with solids waste handling overview diagram
Complete System Dimensions


Rotorflush SOB001 Self Cleaning Inline filter System.

Automated inline filtration and solids removal, down to 30 microns.Nice shiny SOB001 Self cleaning Inline filter ready to go (no waste handling system)

Prices listed below are for a fully automated inline system with or without solids waste handling incorporating all the available functionality of the system.

Prices will vary depending on specification.  SOB001 InLine filters can be modified to suit their application.  Customers can specify flange and valve sizes, and may opt for timed or manual purges.

Mesh sizes for the inline self-cleaning filter start at 30 microns to a maximum of 300 microns.

The standard pressure vessel is rated to 8 bar, maximum flow rate is approx 25 m3 per hour, and maximum operating temperature is 80 degrees.

Standard models have 230v 50 Hz motors; 115v 60Hz motor models are also available.

Rotorflush Inline Filter Model No. Price
SOB001 230v 50 Hz Complete with waste solids handling POA
SOB001 230v 50 Hz without waste solids handling POA

All models can be fitted with 300, 115, 60 or 30 micron nylon filament filter mesh

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