Z200S Automatic Self-Cleaning Inline Filter System


The Zircon Z200S is a tough Inline Filter System designed to efficiently remove solids from industrial and other waste water under pressure.  Developed for filtering waste water in industrial laundries our inline filter system will handle screen water contaminated with lint, fibres and other debris, filtering down to 50 microns.

There are considerable cost and energy savings to be gained from recycling industrial waste water, recovering heat energy and in reducing the cost of waste water disposal.

The Zircon Z200S is a fully automated low maintenance self-cleaning in-line filter. The system automatically monitors differential pressure, and the accumulation of waste material. Automatic controls make setup, use and maintenance very easy.

Water usage and disposal costs are reduced and productivity is not affected by stoppages – Rotorflush’s in-line filter provides a continuously filtered supply even while purging. The system can filter up to 18 m3 per hour at up to 8 bar.

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Key Features

  • Capacity up to 18 m3 / hr (will vary depending on water quality and TSS)
  • Filtration between 50 – 315 microns
  • Automatic purge by pressure sensor
  • Ideal for removing lint and fibres
  • Self-cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • All 316 Stainless Steel construction
  • Reduced capital, installation and maintenance costs
  • Continuous backwash keeps filter mesh clear
  • Constant differential pressure monitoring
  • Quick release couplings for ease and speed of maintenance
  • Low maintenance, reduces water and disposal costs

Zircon Automatic Self cleaning Inline Filter


Zircon Z200S Self-Cleaning Inline Filter SystemZircon Automatic Self Cleaning Inline Filter System

Rotorflush’s Zircon Z200S Self Cleaning Inline Filter System is a fully automated and very efficient means of removing particulate and suspended solids from industrial wastewater. It has been developed to meet the increasing demand for effective worry free filtration in industrial processes across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Originally developed as a hot water filtration system for commercial laundries, our self-cleaning inline filter is a fully automatic system for waste water recycling, water re-use or heat exchange. The Zircon Z200S rigorously removes lint, fibres and other solids from industrial wastewater and can filter down to 50 microns. The system can operate with low and high PH water at temperatures up to 60° C.

At its heart is the unique Rotorflush self-cleaning inline filter which removes particulate and suspended solids from dirty water without clogging or blocking. The Z200S can screen up to at up to 300 litres a minute at up to 8 bar pressure. The self-cleaning filter mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear and delivers a continuous supply of reusable filtered waste water.  As debris is builds up in the Z200S tank the automatic purge clears it away – and you get an uninterrupted output of filtered water for re-use or environmentally safe disposal.

The Zircon Z200S self-cleaning inline filter system is a truly industrial product. It’s body and stand are 316 stainless steel, as is the filter cage and mesh.  A light and powerful 0.37 kW motor drives the self-cleaning filter. All the peripheral equipment – valves, actuators and electronics – are sourced for durability.

The Rotorflush Zircon In-line Filter System is as reliable as it is robust – ideal for filtering dirty water in the harshest conditions.

The pressure differential across the filter is constantly monitored. Maintenance is easy and controls can be set to suit your particular application.


Models & Specification

Rotorflush Zircon Z200S Self Cleaning Inline Filter System

Operational Features

The Rotorflush Zircon Inline Filter System automatically filters dirty water, and continuously self-cleans to prevent the filter screen form blinding.

The base, main vessel, pipe work, connections, filter cage and filter mesh are all made in stainless steel. The filter system is very strong and will screen up to 300 litres a minute. The system is suitable for low and high pH and temperatures up to 60° C.

The self-cleaning filter removes suspended solids in the water which are backwashed away from the filter mesh. Debris is forced to the bottom of the vessel where it accumulates.

The system includes a high speed electric actuated ball valve of our own design for purging waste material screened out of the water. Purging is automatic and is activated by build-up of waste: a differential pressure transducer controls the purge valve.

The actuated valve opens to purge the filter system accumulated debris if the differential pressure rises above 40mb.  The actuated valve will open once every 60 minutes regardless of differential pressure to ensure that the filter stays clear and runs smoothly.

The Filter System is monitored via a display showing the differential pressure across the filter and the total number of purges since power up.  There is also a fault indicator light.


1Air release valve (priming)8Quick Release coupling
2Dirty water in9Pressure sensor
3Quick Release coupling10230v single phase motor
4Filtered water output17Purge valve control (230v)
5Filter cage18Controls enclosure (IP65)
6Backwash rotor192″ actuated purge valve
7View port

Optional Solids Handling System

Rotorflush Filters Ltd offers an optional solid waste handling system for use with the Zircon self-cleaning inline filter.

The system captures and strains purged water. It provides a basic dewatering system to allow solid waste material to be removed from the purge water for easy storage, and waste purge water to be recycled and re-used.

When the Zircon Z200S Inline Filter system purges waste water any solids in the water are strained and stored in a removable container. This in turn drains into a tank beneath the unit and a small pump pumps waste water either back into the source water or to drain.

The system makes waste disposal easy and can deliver extremely high water efficiencies. Call us to find out more….

11Waste water pump15Solids collection tank
12Waste water tank16Purge outlet
13Bolt down points20Clear Perspex lid
14Pallet feet

Zircon Z200S Inline Filter Capacity and Characteristics

Inline Filter Construction and Materials
Filter ComponentConstruction
Filter Mesh316 stainless steel
Filter Body and fittings316 stainless steel
Cleaning RotorABS
Mechanical seal:Viton: SiC: SiC
Control enclosureCoated mild steel
Drive motor0.37 kW, single phase motor
Motor bodyAluminium
Optional Sight GlassToughened Glass


Size and Capacity

Filter screen Area cm2650
Maximum Flow Rate m3/hr18 m3 / hr
Purge Volume15 litres approx
Min / Max Pressure0 bar/ 8 bar
Approx. Weight Kgs50 kgs

Zircon Z200S Inline Filter System Dimensions

Inlet / Outlet2” male BSP


Rotorflush Zircon Z200S Self Cleaning Inline filter System.

Automated inline filtration and solids removal, down to 50 microns.

Prices listed below are for a fully automated inline system although prices may will vary depending on specification.  Zircon Z200S Inline filters can be modified to some extent to suit their application.  Customers can specify flange and valve sizes.

Mesh sizes for the inline self-cleaning filter start at 50 microns to a maximum of 315 microns. Standard models have 230v 50 Hz motors; 115v 60Hz motor models are also available.

Rotorflush Inline Filter Model No.Price Exc VAT and Shipping
Z200S 230v 50 Hz Inline Self-cleaning Filter System£13,000.00 GBP
Z200S 115v 60 Hz Inline Self-cleaning Filter System£13,000.00 GBP
Solids Handling System£POA

All models can be fitted with 50, 100 or 315 micron sintered 316 stainless steel filter mesh

Zircon Z200S Rotorflush Inline filter, totally automatic and slf-cleaning

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