Self-Cleaning Analyser Filter System

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The RF100AN Analyser Filter System is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers and dosing pump systems with almost no maintenance.

It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solid for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers.

The small pump delivers the sample to your analyser and drives a self-cleaning filter that prevents the filter mesh, pump and analyser free from blocking and blinding.

This wall mounted unit has a continuous flow through the tank – ideal for fast loop systems.  The self-cleaning filter in the tank withdraws a sample and delivers between 0 and 16 litres per minute your analyser.

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Self-cleaning Analyser filter for analysers

Key Features

  • Removes suspended solids down to 60 microns
  • Mag drive pump with polypropylene casing and impeller
  • Auto air bleed for self-priming
  • Board mounted for ease of installation
  • Float switch and pressure sensor for dry run protection
  • High reliability and easy to use
  • Power - 230v or 110v 50 Hz or 115v 60 Hz
  • 16 litres per minute maximum flow
  • Acetal & polypropylene Self Cleaning Filter Head
  • PVC Filter Tank and Nylon monofilament filter mesh

RF100AN Analyser Filter System


RF100AN Analyser Filter System

The RF100AN is a self-cleaning analyser filter system, for filtering fluids to 60 Schematic showing RF100AN analyser filter system working with sample pump in a fast loop set upmicrons and supplying it to analytical equipment. The system samples from a continuous flow through a tank maintaining a constant water level, and can sample from very dirty water.

Debris and other suspended solids in the sample are carried out by the flow through the system or, if they are particularly heavy, can be periodically purged through a valve at the conical base of the tank.  This can be automated on a timer if required.

This is a very robust system continuously filtering fluids to 60 microns. The pump drives the filter and supplies from 0 – 16 litres/minute to your analyser.

The self-cleaning filter head in the tank has a continuous backwash when the pump is operating.  This clears contaminants from the filter mesh allowing for very low maintenance operation.  These units can be used alone or in conjunction with a Rotorflush submersible pump filtering and pumping from the water source to the RF100AN.

For information about sampling directly from a water source have a look at our Omnia O1608-16 submersible sample pump with a built-in self-cleaning filter.



RF100AN Self-cleaning Analyser Filter for water monitoring equipment

 How it works….

The fluid to be filtered is introduced through the 1” inlet at the bottom of the filtering chamber.

Most of the liquid exits through the outlet and is sent back to the source. The filter head has an internal backwashing rotor that continually cleans the filter screen.

The fluid flows from the outside of the filter head through a 60-micron nylon mesh.

The pump sucks fluid from the inside of the filter head and a proportion is returned to the internal cleaning rotor. The remaining filtered fluid is sent to the analyser.

This is adjustable from 0 – 16 l/minute.





Models & Specification

RF100AN Analyser Filter System CharacteristicsSelf-cleaning Analyser filter for analysers

ModelVoltskW L/min Max Full Load
Float Switch Phase
RF100AN 230v 50Hz
230approx 0.25162.1 ampsYesSingle
RF100AN 110v 50Hz
110approx 0.28164.2 ampsYesSingle
RF100AN 115v 60 Hz115tba164.2 ampsYesSingle


NB – Always Check the pump motor label for kW and Amps

All RF100AN Analyser Filter Systems are now fitted with auto priming and a pressure sensor for dry running protection


RF100AN Analyser Filter System Dimensions

Rotorflush self-cleaning filter for analysers Rendered1
Rotorflush self-cleaning Analyser filter system dimensions1
Filter for analtsers - self-cleaning filter to prtect analslytical instruments

RF100AN Analyser Filter System Construction

View from above detail of tank and self cleaning filter head of RF100AN analyser filter system

PumpMagnetic drive, polypropylene pump head
Filter headPolypropylene, acetal with nylon filter screen
Backing boardPVC
Filter chamberPVC
Standard filter mesh screen60, 115 or 250 micron nylon
IP66 Control BoxABS




Rotorflush RF100AN Self-cleaning Analyser Filter System.

Pre-filtration to online analyser systems down to 60 micron with adjustable flow rate.Self-cleaning Analyser filter for analysers

Rotorflush Filter Model No.Price
RF100AN 230v 50 Hz£2,284.00
RF100AN 110v 50 Hz£2,457.00
RF100AN 115v 60 Hz£2,704.00


All models can be fitted with 250, 115 or 60 micron bias cut nylon filament filter mesh

An actuated purge valve and a timer can be fitted to these units if required – POA depending on specification.


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