Cobalt Range 600AR Filterpumps

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Rotorflush Cobalt 600AR filterpumps are industrial filterpumps, suitable for mining, quarrying and heavy industrial and agricultural applications.

Their 600mm diameter stainless steel self-cleaning intake screen can be manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel.  The powerful three phase motors have a thermal cutout  and the intake screens are available in a range of mesh sizes.

These filter pumps offer fine or coarse filtration while pumping up to 1800 litres a minute and provide the same low maintenance and efficient intake screening of all our submersible filterpumps.

The Cobalt range 600AR filterpumps use Rotorflush's unique self-cleaning intake filter technology. They deliver an uninterrupted supply of water while a continuous backwash keeps the intake, pump and other downstream equipment blockage free.

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Key Features

  • Stainless steel motor casing
  • Stainless steel intake and filter mesh
  • Chromium iron pump impeller
  • Internal overload monitoring (thermal cutout)
  • Pump and filter in one unit, screening from 315 microns to 3 mm
  • 108 cubic metres per hour maximum flow
  • EA Eel Regulation compliant up to 94 m3 / hour (fitted with 2 mm mesh)
  • 25m depth maximum operating depth
  • Reduced capital, installation and maintenance

Cobalt Range 600AR Filterpumps

Models & Specification

Cobalt Range 600AR Submersible Pumps with Built-in Self-cleaning Intake Screens

The Cobalt range is a range of industrial low to medium pressure self-cleaning submersible filterpumps offering up to 1800 litres per minute (108 m3 / hr).  The Cobalt Range 600AR filterpumps are very robust, they have a cast iron upper cover, a strengthened AIS1304SS motor case and a chrome steel impeller.  The stainless steel self-cleaning intake lets you combine pumping and screening from source without the screen or pump blocking. They are ideal for screening and moving large volumes of dirty water.

Cobalt Range 600AR filterpumps have self-cleaning intakes that prevent debris entering the pump and keep debris off the filter screen. They can be fitted with a range of mesh sizes:

  • 315 micron stainless steel sintered filter mesh
  • 1mm or 2mm woven stainless steel mesh
  • 3mm perforated steel mesh.


The Cobalt range filterpumps are suitable for heavy duty use and can be manufactured with 316 stainless steel self-cleaning intakes made with 316 stainless steel. All our filter mesh is 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel mesh is ideal for more challenging environments.


Cobalt Range 600AR Filterpumps –  Performance and Power

Cobalt Model Volts Hz* Output kW Rated Current Amps Outlet mm
Max m3 / hr Max Head (metres) Manual or Auto Phase
CKC42.2 600AR 400 50 2.2 5.5 100 mm 78 19.5 Manual Three
CKC43.7 600AR 400 50 3.7 7.7 100 mm 96 25 Manual Three
CKC45.5 600AR 400 50 5.5 12.0 100 mm 108 30 Manual Three

*60 Hz versions may be available – please ask.

Please note as standard these filterpumps are fitted with 8 m cable – longer cable can be fitted, please ask.

Rotorflush Cobalt submersible filterpump with integral self-cleaning intake

Powerful Pumping and Screening Combined

Cobalt Range submersible pumps have three phase motors and are fitted with self-cleaning suction intake screens.

NB: It is very important that three phase motor filterpumps are connected to their power source correctly, to ensure that the pump motor runs in the right direction. When pumps run backwards they are inefficient and the motor may be damaged. To see how to test that the pump is wired correctly watch this video.

Please note that we strongly recommend the use of Control Panels and / or a Din Rail mounted Cos Phi Load Monitor with all 3 phase models to prevent damage to pumps.

Installing adequate load monitoring is a condition of our guarantee for these products.


Cobalt Range Submersible Pumps – Performance Curves (click images to enlarge)

Performance curve for submersible pump that doesn't block up thanks to 600mm self-cleaning filter for pumping dirty water
Performance curve for Rotorflush Cobalt CKC 3.7 kW 600AR Submersible self-cleaning intake water pump for use in dirty water
Rotorflush Cobalt CKC 4.5 kW 600AR Submersible pump with self-cleaning screen Performance curve


Cobalt Range Submersible Pumps – Dimensions

Approximate Dimensions CKC42.2 600AR CKC43.7 600AR CKC45.5 600AR
H1 Total Height mm 965 1050 1090
F Filter Height mm  All Models 476
D Filter Diameter mm All Models 655
D1 Pump Diameter mm 262 302 302
W Min Depth mm 600 650 650
Outlet mm
All Models 100mm male
Dry Weight (Kg) 121 140 147

Pump Shown Cobalt CKC-45.5

Self Cleaning Intake Filter Construction
Self-cleanimng intake filter, reinforced built into submersible pump
Reinforced intake
Submersible pump self-cleaning intake stainless steel mesh
Stainless steel mesh

Filter screen area 5600 cm2
Screen sizes standard 315 micron, 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm
Screen material Sintered stainless steel mesh (315 micron)
Stainless steel woven mesh (1mm and 2mm)
Stainless steel perforated mesh (3mm)
Impeller extension shaft Stainless Steel
Impeller Stainless steel
Rotor ABS  (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Rotor Bearings Silicon Carbide
Filter cage Stainless Steel
Cleaning Jets Natural Rubber Jets,  stainless steel clips

Rotorflush filterpumps work best with good clearance all around the self-cleaning intake filter.


We can fit stands to suit.



Please Note: Our filters are designed for use in dirty water or liquids with a viscosity close to that of water. Our filters and filterpumps are NOT suitable for use in raw sewage or any other dirty water which contains oils or fat.



Cobalt Range Submersible Pumps from 880 to 1800 litres / min

Submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning suction intake filters (three phase 415v 50Hz) 
Cobalt Model No. Prices
CKC42.2 600AR £12,685.00
CKC43.7 600AR £13,305.00
CKC45.5 600AR £13,670.00
All prices are exc. of VAT and Carriage

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