Charlie Bransden, B.E.BRANSDEN & SONS LTD Middlesex UK

Laleham Farm, Shepperton

WhereRtheyMe doing pratchett impression in sweetcorn 2010We still have, working as well now as when they were supplied, (albeit with new rubbery bits), our two original RF200’s purchased as a result of seeing the Farmers Weekly review in 1997 (which I’ve still got!).

I’m probably going to regret saying this, but since they were installed, the frequent seal changing exercise on the recirculating pumps serving the vegetable washers has abated to every few years, in fact I can’t remember the last time they were changed.

I also bought, I think, an O35012-16 a few years ago for our cesspit at the other farm, which requires only an annual exterior spruce up, saves us over a grand a year in emptying charges, and is a splendid bit of kit.

I would now like a price please, I think the right size would be an auto O25010-16, delivered to the above address. It’s to dewater a small septic tank serving two caravans housing seasonal staff, i.e. showers, loos and a washing machine. We have used “throwaway” cheap & cheerful submersibles in recent years, but they barely last a season.

And, incidentally, great website, quick and informative.

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