Alice Connell, Process Engineer, TRILITY Pty Ltd

Rotorflush RF200R trial, March 2016, Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant, Queensland

Trility Water treatment servicesOur Australian Distributors, Glacier Filtration, have sent a testimonial with photos from TRILITY Pty Ltd.

Alice Connell of Trility says: “A Rotorflush RF200R self-cleaning inlet screen was installed on the intake of the feed pump to test the performance of the screen in a raw sewage application.
Over the two month trial period the screen operated successfully with no blockages or interruptions in flow. The screen was checked and washed down daily during the first month, reducing to every second day in the second month.”

“TRILITY have been very impressed with the performance of the unit as a cost effective alternative to inline screening or filtering processes.”

The full testimonial can be read HERE

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