Nastec Control Panels for Filter Pumps

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We supply single and three phase control panels for use with our submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning filters.

Nastec control panels are easy to set up and provide cos phi load monitoring to protect your Rotorflush filterpump.

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Nastec Control Panels

Key Features

Single and three phase control panels

  • Protection against overcurrent
  • Phase loss monitoring
  • Protection against excessive number of starts.
  • Dry running protection
  • Power factor / cos ø monitoring

Nastec Control Panels

Control Panels

Nastec Control PanelsNastec Control Panels for use with submersible pumps with built in self cleaning suction filters

Electronic control panels with display for control and dry running protection of single and three phase pumps.

Rotorflush recommends the use of Nastec control panels for submersible filter pumps and surface mounted pumps using Rotorflush self-cleaning strainers and filters for their intake filtration. Nastec control panels incorporate a motor load monitor which shuts the pump down if no water is being pumped and prevents motor burn out.

The panels have a digital display and keypad for setting up control parameters and showing faults. The body is constructed entirely of aluminium, making PILOT extremely solid and easily cooled. The IP55 protection makes it possible to install PILOT even in humid and dusty environments.

Control panels come with full instructions for both single phase and three phase supply.

We strongly advise that these control panels are used with all our 3 phase pumps and the Nauti N9416, N9516 and N9616 single phase pumps. Our other single phase pumps have built in thermistors that help protect the motor in the event of dry running.

These panels can also be used for controlling float switches and other equipment used in conjunction with our filterpumps.



General Characteristics and Dimensions of Nastec Control Panels, single and three phase

Nastec control panels dimensions drawing

Model Voltage [+/- 10%] 50/60 Hz Max current Weight [kg]
PILOT 118* 1 X 230 VAC 18 A 2
PILOT 325 3 X 400 VAC 25 A 2,4
PILOT 330 3 X 400 VAC 30 A 2,4
All Models
Max. ambient temperature: 40°C (104 °F)
Max. altitude : 2000 m
Protection grade: IP55 (NEMA 4)
* single phase models do not includes capacitor (available upon request)


Control Panels

Nastec Control Panels

Product Code



260-11812220 Nastec PILOT 118M Single-Phase Starter Panel 18A 230V £299.00
261-32512223 Nastec PILOT 325T Three-Phase Starter Panel 25A 400V £375.00
262-33012224 Nastec PILOT 330T Three-Phase Starter Panel 30A 400V £450.00*

*subject to availability

Nastec Control panels for use with single and three phase submersible pumps with built in self cleaning intake]


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