Custom-Built Self-Cleaning Filters



Rotorflush Can Build a Bespoke Self-cleaning Strainer to Meet Your Project Requirements

By combining our award winning self-cleaning filter technology with sound engineering and modular design principles, Rotorflush Filters Ltd. can design, manufacture and deliver a purpose built industrial water intake strainer for your application or project.

We can scale our filters to meet required flow rates and vary the configuration to fit particular locations and industrial applications,.

Capacities up to 2000 m3 per hour.

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CAD model of an RF2000R stainles steel self cleaning pump suction inlet strainer

Key Features

All our bespoke filters feature

  • Stainless Steel filter mesh
  • Filtration from 300 microns to 6mm
  • High reliability and easy to use
  • Flow rates as required
  • All stainless steel construction including rotors
  • 304 or 316 grade steel as required
  • CAD and CFD analysis

Custom-built Self-cleaning Filters


Double RF400R custom-built self-cleaning filters for use in shallow water

Double RF400R custom-built self-cleaning filter for use in shallow water


Custom-Built Self-cleaning Filters to Suit Your Application

Vertical Turbine pump with Rotorflush custom-built self-cleaning filterAll our products are made to order and we are more than happy to provide custom-built self-cleaning filters and strainers to your specifications.

Our larger filters are increasingly being custom built for many industrial sectors where there is a need for raw water filtration without the expense and delay of major capital works. Customers are able to filter their intake directly from the water source with minimal risk of their filter screens and pump equipment blocking.

Designs can vary according to the capacity being pumped and the location of the filter.

The simple and extremely strong stainless steel design make Rotorflush the automatic backwash filter of choice in difficult and demanding filtration conditions.

A typical industrial application is to mount a self-cleaning Rotorflush filter directly onto the intake of a large vertical pump.  Size and shape can be varied:  a recent customer, who wanted to filter water for dockside firefighting pumps at a refinery, specified a design with convex rather than concave ends to save space yet gain the capacity they needed.

Our modular design approach allows us to customise Rotorflush custom built self-cleaning filters and strainers are used in the oil and gas indutryRotorflush self-cleaning technology to exactly suit our customer’s industrial applications. Our custom built self-cleaning filters and strainers have no need of any power supply other than the flow of water from the pump. The design is simple, installation is easy and maintenance is minimal.

An Oil and Gas customer recently commissioned five purpose built 750 m3 filters for raw water abstraction. The strength and reliability of these large industrial custom built automatic backwash filters makes them a popular and inexpensive choice when considering capital projects.



All our custom-built self-cleaning filters and strainers can be made Eel Friendly to meet current EU and UK regulations for Eel Recovery

Models & Specification

Custom design and build any viable size, shape and capacity self-cleaning inlet filter

All our self-cleaning inlet filters incorporate the same tried and tested continuous backwash system to keep the filter mesh clear.

By combining our award winning self-cleaning filter technology with sound engineering and modular design principles Rotorflush Filters Ltd. can design, manufacture and deliver custom-built self-cleaning filters. You can oder an industrial self cleaning water intake strainer to meet your particular project requirements.Diameter and height of custom-built self cleaning intake strainers, same capacity, different shape

Within reason we can scale our filters to meet particular flow rates and size them to fit difficult locations. We can do this by varying the diameter relative to the height of the filter, and by combining filters together to meet a given flow rate.

Size and Capacity

Our custom-built self-cleaning filters can be scaled to meet particular flow rates.  The capacity of the strainer is determined by diameter and height of the mesh area.

Our filters are specified on this basis, so an RF800-600R is a Rotorflush filter with a filter mesh 800mm in diameter and 600 mm high. Similarly an RF600-800R filter is a Rotorflush filter with a filter mesh 600mm in diameter and 800 mm high. These filters will have the same area, and the same intake capacity.

So we can vary both the shape and the size of our filters.


Custom Sized Filters and Strainers

The table below gives indicative flow rates by dimensions, diameter on the left column, height of mesh across the top.

RF1500R custom built self-cleaning filters fitted with 3mm stainless steel mesh being packed for shipping

Rotorflush Self-cleaning Strainer Maximum Flow Rates in M3 by Diameter and  Height of Filter Mesh
ModelDiameterStainless Steel Mesh Height mm
RF600R Perforated 600mm90135180225270320360410450
RF600R Woven600mm120180240300360425480550600
RF800R Perforated800mm120180240300360420480540600
RF800R Woven800mm160240320400480560640720800
RF1000R Perforated1000mm150225300380450530600680750
RF1000R Woven1000mm2003004005056007058009001000
RF1500R Perforated1500mm22534045057068079091010201130
RF1500R Woven1500mm3004506007609001050121013601500
RF2000R Perforated2000m3004506007509101060121013601510

Very cool picture of large Rotorflush RF1500R custom-built self cleaning filters and suction intake strainers being transported

Our large industrial strainers are designed for large volume low maintenance water abstraction and filtration. These self-cleaning basket strainers can reduce the capital costs of civil engineering works typically associated with water intake screening because the filter can be mounted on a pipe directly in to the water source.

These are self-cleaning coarse screened strainers with capacities from approximately 100 cubic meters per hour up to 1500 cubic metres per hour. The strainers are all stainless steel construction and the filter mesh sizes are 3mm and 6mm as standard. Filters with mesh sizes from 1 mm to 10mm can be provided.

The continuous automatic backwash ensures that debris is kept clear of the screen thus preventing blinding.


Rendered picture of RF400R custom-built self-cleaning filters paired together for double flow rate in shallow waterOther Filter ConfigurationsRF400-400R double capacity self cleaning strainer built to order.

In addition to scaling our filters, existing designs can be combined to provide desired flowrates io fit particluar locations.

For example, our RF400 self cleaning filters have a capacity of 60 m3 per hour.  We have produced double sized RF400 filters to meet customers’ requirements for 120 m3 per hour in a shallow river, and for a narrow sump.

The RF400 Duplex is a custom built self-cleaning filter that comprises 2 self-cleaning filters sharing a singfle output, for use in water of a minimum depth of approx 375mm.

The RF400-400 filter provides the same capacity as two RF400 filters but can be used in a narrow 800mm diameter sump.


Custom Filter Materials and General Characteristics

Arrangement of rotors in a purpose built 2 metre diameter self cleaning intake strainer

Filter cage and shell316 Stainless Steel
Central turbine316 Stainless Steel
JetsNatural rubber / 316 stainless steel
BearingsAcetal copolymer / 316 stainless steel
Standard filter mesh screen3mm or 6mm 316 Stainless Steel
General Characteristics
Water supply to cleaning rotorTapped from output of main pump
Backwash flow and Pressure0.4 bar
Maximum output (m3/hour)Dependant on diameter and height



Please Note: Our filters are designed for use in dirty water or liquids with a viscosity close to that of water. Our filters and filterpumps are NOT suitable for use in raw sewage or any other dirty water which contains oils or fat.



Detail from inside a large custom-built self-cleaning filter.Rotorflush Custom-built Self-cleaning Filters and Strainers

Our strainers are designed for large volume, low maintenance abstraction and filtration in industrial settings. Our self-cleaning filters can be mounted on a pipe or pump directly into the water source. Our filters operate at wildlife friendly velocities and have a range of mesh sizes.

All our industrial water filters and strainers have a continuous automatic backwash that keeps debris clear of the filter screen. This prevents blinding and blockage of the strainer, pump and any other equipment down the line.

The strength and reliability of these automatic backwash filters makes them a popular and inexpensive choice when considering filtration on capital projects.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for custom-built self-cleaning filters.


Please note:

All our products are manufactured to order

Delivery is by carrier and is usually between 5 and 14 days from order depending on product and availability.

Carriage and packing charges are extra.

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