Custom-Built Self-Cleaning Filters



Rotorflush Filters can custom build self-cleaning filters and strainers to suit your application or project requirements.

By combining our award-winning self-cleaning filter technology with sound engineering and modular design principles Rotorflush Filters Ltd can design, manufacture and deliver purpose built self-cleaning industrial water intake strainers for your application or project.

We can scale our filters to meet required flow rates and vary the configuration to fit particular locations, installations and specific industrial applications. We can build strainers and screens to be EA Eel Regulation compliant and to meet EPA Rule 316(b) intake requirements. All our products are thoroughly tested and CE marked.

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Key Features

Our bespoke strainers and filters feature:

  • Stainless Steel filter mesh
  • Filtration from 300 microns (smaller filters) to 6 mm
  • High reliability and easy to use
  • Flow rates as required up to 2000 m3 / hr
  • All stainless steel construction including rotors
  • 304 or 316 grade steel as required
  • CAD and CFD analysis

Custom-built Self-cleaning Filters


Custom Built Filters and Strainers

Rotorflush can design and manufacture custom built filters and strainers. All our strainers incorporate Rotorflush’s unique self-cleaning mechanism to prevent filter the mesh blocking.

We combine our expert knowledge of filtration and experience in precision engineering to meet our customers needs. Rotorflush Filters Ltd. can design, manufacture and deliver a purpose built self-cleaning industrial water intake strainer to the size and specification you require.

Your design can be realised in our CAD studio and delivered to you from our precision engineering workshop and test facilities in beautiful Charmouth on the UK’s Jurassic Coast.


Modular and Scalable

Our award winning self-cleaning filters and strainers are offered in standard ranges based on modular designs that can be scaled to suit a wide range of applications. We have expertise in producing filters across a range of industrial sectors. This enables us to produce intake strainers and screens to meet our customers’ flow rates, intake velocities and screening needs.

Although our filters have a core design, we can vary:

  • Outlet size
  • Filter diameter
  • Filter height
  • Mesh size
  • Grade of steel

We can incorporate extras to assist in using and lifting our strainers, or we can design and build a wholly custom filter. Often our customers require self-cleaning strainers and filters to fit their particular installations and capacities which are outside our standard ranges.


Quality Products

All our products are well designed, manufactured in stainless steel, tried and tested, and guaranteed. Our customers know they are buying a purpose built, long-lasting quality engineered product.


Get in touch

We can build our filters to meet your flow rates and to fit your location and application or project. Call our Design Team for more information – 01297 560 229


All our custom-built self-cleaning filters and strainers can be made Eel Friendly to meet current EU and UK regulations for Eel Recovery

and to meet EPA Rule 316(b) intake velocities for the protection of marine and aquatic life


Recent Commissions

All our products are made to order, and we are more than happy to provide custom-built self-cleaning filters and strainers to your specifications.

Our larger filters are increasingly being custom built for many industrial sectors where there is a need for raw water filtration without the expense and delay of major capital works. Customers are able to filter their intake directly from the water source with minimal risk of their filter screens and pump equipment blocking. We are seeing more interest given that screening for the protection of marine life and the European Eel is now often a condition of raw water and cooling water abstraction.

Screens for use with Vertical Pumps.

vertical pump with self-cleaning intake screen fitted

Rotorflush have been commissioned to supply self-cleaning suction intakes for vertical pumps abstracting seawater for cooling.

Our self-cleaning intakes allow 2 mm aperture mesh screening at an EPA Rule 316(b) compliant intake velocity while protecting the screen and pump from blockage.

Strainers for Firefighting

Sizes and shapes can be varied. A customer wanted filters for dockside firefighting pumps at a refinery.

The strainer needed to have domed ends for strength but depth was a tight. To save space yet meet the flow rate needed we designed and built strainers with convex rather than concave ends.

Eel Screens

We provided a UK water company with 25 strainers for eel screening at raw water intakes. The self-cleaning strainers were fitted with 2 mm mesh screens and attachments for a unique lifting system.

These strainers screen millions of gallons of water for treatment ahead of the potable water supply.

An Oil and Gas customer recently commissioned five purpose built 750 m3 filters for raw water abstraction. The strength and reliability of these large industrial custom built automatic backwash filters makes them a popular and inexpensive choice when considering capital projects.


Our custom built self-cleaning filters and strainers have no need of any power supply other than the flow of water from the pump.

The design is simple, installation is easy and maintenance is minimal.


Please Note: Our filters are designed for use in dirty water or liquids with a viscosity close to that of water. Our filters and filterpumps are NOT suitable for use in raw sewage or any other dirty water which contains oils or fat.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements for custom-built self-cleaning filters.


Please note:

All our products are manufactured to order

Delivery is by carrier.  Contact us for latest lead times.

Carriage and packing charges are extra.

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