Questions that we might ask you

  1. What is the application?
    • Pumping what fluid from where to where?


  2. Are there suspended solids in the fluid?
    • If so, what type of solids, e.g sewage, sand, weed please specify.


  3. What temperature is the fluid?
    • Maximum and minimum temperature


  4. How finely do you need to filter?
    • If not known, what equipment do you need to protect from suspended solids, e.g. valves and nozzles.


  5. What is the aperture size of the nozzles?
    • minimum aperture size in the system


  6. What flow rate do you need?
    • e.g. litres/second, litres/minute, cubic metres/hour, gallons/minute etc.


  7. What pressure do you require from the pump?
    • e.g. pounds/square inch, bars etc.


  8. Do you have an existing surface mounted pump?
    • If so does it have any surplus capacity to power a self cleaning filter? (they normally use 15-25% of the pump’s output).


  9. Electricity Supply?
    • If you need a submersible pump, do you want the motor to be single phase three phase, 230v or 110v, 50 Hz or 60Hz?



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