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How Rotorflush Eel Screens Contributed to the Upgrade of Raw Water Intakes for a Major UK Water Company

Reduced Capital Costs

Rotorflush eel screens are designed to meet Eel regulations as efficiently and economically as possible. They deliver high flow rates at low intake velocities while taking up less space than fixed installations such as band screens or wedge wire screens. Capital costs are reduced, installation is easier.

Ease of Maintenance

Because they are self-cleaning, Rotorflush Eel Screens are far less likely to block or blind than a non-self-cleaning 2 mm screen, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance. In addition, Rotorflush contributed to the design of an innovative installation for easy lifting and maintenance of the screens.

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RF600LW Eel screen being deployed

How Rotorflush Filterpumps™ Benefited a District Heat Pump System in Liverpool

Site Sensitive Installation

Location sympathetic installation underwater, no pump house required.

Complied with Eel Regulations

The intake pumps' self-cleaning intake filters complied with eel regulations for the required maximum flow rate

Low Maintenance Water Supply

The Rotorflush submersible filterpumps™ supplying the heat pump system have built-in self-cleaning filters as suction intake screens. The screens rarely blind, so their maintenance is low and efficiency of supply is high.

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Liverpool docks (not exactly where the pumps are)

Self-cleaning Septic Tank Filter

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The cost of regularly emptying the cesspool is greatly reduced down from around 20 tankers to 4 or 5 annually.

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Yellow tanker pumping out septic tank

How a Stainless Steel Filter Helps You to Buy the Freshest Fruit & Veg

Improved production

Reducing the time it took to get veg to market by keeping the vegetable washing operation running smoothly and not blocking.

Reduced Costs

Screening the vegetable washing water enabled it to be re-cycled and re-used, greatly reducing the use of fresh water and lowering the water bill.

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Magical RF400 self-cleaning intake in a sea of taoamto plants

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