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What Our Filter Pumps do...

Watch a video of our smallest (200 litres a minute) submersible filter pump with integral self-cleaning intake, fitted with 300 micron mesh, pumping and not blocking up in disgustingly dirty water. Enjoy!

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Experts in Self-Cleaning Water Filtration and Screening

Rotorflush Filters Ltd design, manufacture, engineer and supply unique self-cleaning water filtration and screening products, supporting your project from concept through to installation.

Eel and fish screening, irrigation projects, cooling water, and water source heat pumps

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Rotorflush self-cleaning Eel screen on a raw water intake

Our Expertise

About us

What we do

Rotorflush Filters produce standard and bespoke self-cleaning filters and strainers for pump suction hose intakes.  We also produce a range of submersible filter pumps, pumps with built-in self-cleaning pump intake filters. All our products incorporate our patented and unique Rotorflush self-cleaning filter technology. 

As a Company we help our customers manage their water filtration and screening problems and comply with legislation for eel and fish protection.  

What our filters and filter pumps do for you

For example, we can help you to keep pumps unblocked, keep fountains looking good and irrigation equipment unblocked and running.  Our products allow water to be screened or filtered as you pump directly from a river, reservoir, tank, sump, the sea or other water source. 

They protect pumps, heat exchangers, and analytical instruments, spray bars and more while ensuring a continuous filtered supply from your pump in very dirty water conditions.

Browse our product range to find out more.

Our patented designs

The patented design of Rotorflush Filterpumps™ and pump suction hose self-cleaning filters and strainers resolves the problem of blocked pumps in dirty water. 

Pumping and filtration is combined in one easy to install, very low maintenance self-cleaning intake product.

Continuous supply, continuous cleaning.

Pumps in a car park

Why Rotorflush?

Eel screens ready to go

UK designed and manufactured

Talk to our friendly team of engineers to discuss your design requirements.

  • Built to your water output
  • Filter down to 50 microns
  • Hand-built in the UK
Taking it apart

Experts in Filtration

Standard and Custom Made Filtration Products

  • Industry experts for 20 years
  • Innovative and Patented Design
  • Installed worldwide
Man in the water

Worldwide delivery and service

Through our worldwide distribution network, we offer the ability to:

  • Deliver filter pumps worldwide
  • Help service your filter pump
  • Repair broken filter pumps

Become a Distributor for Rotorflush

Rotorflush Filters Ltd is an award-winning UK manufacturing company, selling directly to customers worldwide. We are establishing a network of distributors and already have representation in some Countries.

We are particularly interested in potential distributors from the USA and Canada.

If you are interested in selling our unique self-cleaning filter products where you live, contact us using the form below, or call!

Distributor map Julian Sargent, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Talk to an Expert About Your Project

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Or leave us a message and a member of our expert friendly team will call you back and will find the filter pump or self-cleaning filter for your needs.

  • We work with you to identify your issues
  • We can design & build a custom solution
  • We can deliver our solution worldwide
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