Ray Barnes, Site Agent. Ringway infrastructure Services, December 2010

“At Ringway infrastructure Services, we run a fleet of “Three in One” highway gully cleansing vehicles for our work with Kent County Council. In order to minimise our fresh water usage costs, a rainwater harvesting system was installed at our new, Super Depot in Ashford. This channels rainwater from all roof and ground level surfaces into three tanks, and a Rotorflush Filter-pump is employed to remove leaves and general surface debris, ensuring the water is suitable for use on the gulley cleansing vehicles. The filtered water is also used to top-up the tanks of other utility vehicles which use the tipper bay at the super depot. In two years of operation, the collection tanks have never been empty and the self-cleaning filter-pump has required virtually zero maintenance, further contributing to the considerable cost-savings being made by the rainwater harvesting operation. “.

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