Colin Ramsay Ferrier Pumps Ltd, December 2010

Ferrierlogo“We are very happy to recommend Rotorflush’s filter pumps. Two installations which our company undertook come particularly to mind. The first, a fountain water feature in Galashiels town centre, repeatedly stopped flowing due to falling leaves choking the filter. The cost of sending someone to clean this once or twice a week was expensive. We fitted a Rotorflush filter pump unit over a year ago and the problem immediately disappeared. The unit requires negligible maintenance and the client was delighted with the remedy.

The second case concerns an installation in a glass factory where a re-circulating water spray system is used to cool the molten glass during production. The filter and spray nozzles were daily becoming blocked with particles of glass and scale. The process environment is extremely hot and hostile, nonetheless we decided to fit a Rotorflush filter to the existing pump and as a result, production now proceeds without interruption. “.

Colin now works for Pump Action Ltd  – another Rotorflush Customer and Reseller.

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