Rotorflush Filters Catalogue and Price List

The Rotorflush Filters Catalogue is Here!

Download our Current Rotorflush Filters Catalogue and Price List for handy reference.   All our most popular award winning self-cleaning suction intake products described in full colour!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a self-cleaning pump filter and not have to worry about the pump filter clogging or the pump failing?

Our robust and reliable self-cleaning intake strainers and submersible filterpumps filter out debris which blocks pumps. They keep their filter screens clear and clean with a continuous automatic backwash system. As a result, our self-cleaning pump filters reduce the worry of a constantly blocking filter or pump.

Our filters allow the use of high pressure, multi stage pumps in water contaminated with suspended solids. Typical applications for instance are pumping final effluent, flood water, lake and river water, and screening waste water from industry.

A blocked filter can quickly cause a pump to dry run and damage the pump motor – unless it has a suction-side Rotorflush self-cleaning pump filter.

Reduce your downtime and keep your water flowing.

Have a look at this very cool video to see how our submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning suction intakes work. They deliver a continuous filtered supply of water while keeping the intake filter mesh clear.

We offer two main product sets:

Submersible filterpumps with integral self-cleaning intake filters
Self-cleaning suction filters and strainers for use with dry-mounted pumps

We also supply filters for analysers and water monitoring equipment, and a fully automated inline filter system for cleaning industrial process water. The Rotorflush Filters Catalogue provides a handy reference to details of these and our other self-cleaning filtration products.

Rotorflush Filters Ltd have been manufacturing, selling and developing unique and patented self-cleaning dirty water filters since 1996. Our filters are sold to customers world-wide.

All our products are supplied from our manufacturing and engineering works in the UK on the beautiful Devon / Dorset border.

Rotorflush Filters Catalogue - picture of favourite self-cleaning filters

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