Meudy KC Submersible Pumps

From £1,445.00
KC Model Prices
KC31.5 £1,445.00
KC32.2 £1,545.00
KC42.2 £1,550.00
KC43.7 £2,350.00
KC45.5 £2,970.00

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Key Features

  • Suitable for industrial applications, irrigation, drainage
  • Cast iron with chromium impeller
  • Up to 108 m3 / hr, max head 31 metres
  • Stainless steel motor casing & outer casing
  • Internal overload monitoring (thermal cutout)
  • Operates down to 25m depth
  • Double mechanical seal
  • 8m cable (longer cable can be fitted)
  • IP68



Models & Specification

Meudy KC Submersible Pumps – Performance and Power

Meudy KC submersible pumps are low to medium pressure general purpose submersible pumps. These pumps benefit from a cast iron or stainless steel body and motor casing, semi-open chrome alloy impeller and high pressure resistant double seals. All KC pumps are water cooled to ensure a long life in continuous and intermittent operation, with high efficiency and energy savings. They incorporate a dry motor with thermal auto-cut that prevents the motor from over heating, and have a cast iron upper cover and strengthened AISI304SS pump casing. The impeller is designed by 3D technology and made of chrome steel, which can improve the efficiency and extend the product lifetime.

Pump Characteristics

KC Model Volts Hz* Output kW Rated Current Amps Outlet mm
Max m3/hr Max Head (metres) Manual or Auto Phase
KC31.5 400 50 1.5 3.5 75 mm 53 18 Manual Three
400 50 2.2 5.0 75 mm 60 22 Manual Three
KC42.2 400 50 2.2 5.0 100 mm 60 19.5 Manual Three
KC43.7 400 50 3.7 7.7 100 mm 96 25 Manual Three
KC45.5 400 50 5.5 11.4 100 mm 108 30 Manual Three

*60 Hz versions may be available – please ask.

Performance Curves – Meudy KC Submersible Pumps

Performance and output curves for Meudy KC Submersible pumps


Meudy KC Submersible pumps dimensions for use and packing

Meudy KC Submersible pumps dimension diagram


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    Pumping and Filtering Combined

    Meudy KC submersible pumps provide the suction for Rotorflush Filters Ltd’s successful range of Cobalt pumps – hard wearing submersible centrifugal pumps that screen and pump dirty water.

    Our filterpumps pumps are used wherever there is a need to pump dirty water that may block pumps or clog nozzles and pipes. Rotorflush pumps have our patented self-cleaning intake built-in so that debris and detritus is pushed away from the intake screen whenever the pump is running. Thus helping to keep the filter intake clear and prevent clogging and blinding.

    Find out more HERE

    Meudy KC Submersible pumps form the basis for Rotorflush Filter's Cobalt range of submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intakes.