Our Omnia Range submersible pumps are low head filter pumps with integral self-cleaning intake filters. They have a maximum output of 220 litres/minute and pressure of 1.1 bar. These pumps that can be fitted with 60, 115 or 300 micron aperture mesh on the self-cleaning intake.

Their ease of use, low maintenance and combination of hassle-free intake filtration and pumping makes them ideal for dirty water use. They are all single phase and the O2008-16 model has an 110v motor option.

Omnia pumps are used extensively as sample pumps for water quality monitoring and are ideal for open loop heat pump systems.

Rotorflush filterpump - submersible pump with self cleaning submersible pump filter built in.

Our Idrogo Range submersible pumps have a maximum output of 120 litres per minute, maximum head 80 metres. They are a robust medium-head pump with an integral self-cleaning suction intake.

The Idrogo, like all Rotorflush submersible filterpumps, combines pumping and filtration in one easy to install ‘plug and play’ unit. It is ideal for pumping water contaminated with suspended solids. The intake filter prevents blockage to nozzles, valves and solenoids. The patented self-cleaning mechanism keeps the intake filter free from debris.

Typical uses for the Idrogos are filtering and pumping water from dirty lagoons lakes or rivers and filtering wash water for water treatment works.

The Jasper Range submersible pumps with self-cleaning intake screens are low and medium head submersible pumps with  a maximum output of 1000 litres per minute. These filterpumps can be fitted with screen sizes ranging from 6mm perforated steel to 100 micron sintered steel mesh.

The Jasper range filterpumps are low-maintenance and easy to install. You can pump and filter directly from your water source – the efficient self-cleaning filter protects the intake and pump from blockage. Ideal for pumping dirty water, keeping fountains running, irrigation and marine use.

The durable three phase motors have thermal overload protection and are available with both 50 and 60 Hz motors.

Rotorflush Nauti Range self cleaning filter pump

Our Nauti Range Submersible Pumps with self-cleaning filters have a maximum output of 220 litres per minute (14 m3 per hour) and can pump up to 10 bar. They are powerful high-head pumps with built-in self-cleaning intake filters.

Pumping and filtration are combined and the filter's self-cleaning mechanism protects the pump and other equipment from blockage. It is ideal for high pressure pumping of water contaminated with suspended solids. The Nauti Range pumps are a favourite of the water industry and are used for pumping and filtering final effluent for wash water.

These self-cleaning filterpumps are also excellent for keeping fountain and irrigation nozzles clear from blocking.

RUBI Range Submersible Pumps

RUBI filterpumps are extremely tough heavy duty filterpumps, suitable for mining, quarrying and heavy industrial applications.  These filterpumps are cast iron with stainless steel intake filters.  The powerful three phase motors have thermal overload protection and the intake screens are available in a range of mesh sizes.

The Rotorflush RUBI Range of submersible filter pumps with integral self-cleaning intake screens offer fine or coarse filtration while pumping up to 1000 litres a minute and provide the same low maintenance and efficient intake screening of our smaller filter pumps.

As with all our products RUBIs use Rotorflush's unique self-cleaning intake filter technology to deliver an uninterrupted supply of water while a continuous backwash keeps the intake, pump and other downstream equipment blockage free.