Self Cleaning Automatic Inline Filters

The Zircon Z200S is a tough Inline Filter System designed to efficiently remove solids from industrial and other waste water under pressure.  Developed for filtering waste water in industrial laundries our inline filter system will handle screen water contaminated with lint, fibres and other debris, filtering down to 50 microns.

There are considerable cost and energy savings to be gained from recycling industrial waste water, recovering heat energy and in reducing the cost of waste water disposal.

The Zircon Z200S is a fully automated low maintenance self-cleaning in-line filter. The system automatically monitors differential pressure, and the accumulation of waste material. Automatic controls make setup, use and maintenance very easy.

Water usage and disposal costs are reduced and productivity is not affected by stoppages – Rotorflush’s in-line filter provides a continuously filtered supply even while purging. The system can filter up to 18 m3 per hour at up to 8 bar.