Waste Water Treatment Filters for Inlet Screen Wash Water and Analysers

Filtration for Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment FiltersFontburn works could use our waste water treatment filters

The UK Water Industry makes extensive use of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and pumps.  The filtered water keeps spray bars and nozzles from clogging with suspended solids, weed or debris. Consequently, water companies use our submersible filterpumps with integral self-cleaning intakes as waste water treatment filters for pumping wash water to inlet screens.

Our smaller filterpumps and Analyser Filter Systems protect analytical equipment at water monitoring sites. They provide protection to equipment and are very low maintenance.

Other water and utility companies internationally are also discovering the cost and maintenance benefits of our products.  We provide innovative, low maintenance, robust and reliable filtration for secondary or final effluent, and we are developing products for effective filtration in raw sewage.

Rotorflush submersible filterpumps, self-cleaning screens and strainers also offer a range of capabilities and installation options for waste water treatment filters.  Because of this versatility, many waste water treatment projects have integrated our products into their designs.

All Rotorflush self-cleaning filters and submersible pumps filter directly from the water source.  Therefore pumps with self-cleaning intakes can be suspended in secondary and final effluent.  Pumping and filtering are combined, and the filters self-clean as the pumps operate.

In many cases, installing self-cleaning filters directly in the water source can make considerable capital savings. This is particularly true if capital works for fixed pumping and filtering equipment are therefore not required. This is especially relevant when making improvements to smaller water treatment works.


The filter mesh stays clear, pumps and other equipment – spray bars, nozzles and pipework – do not block.  The filters stay clear without the need for expensive built-in in-line filtration oreffective waste water treatment filters for secondary effluent compressed air driven backwashes.

Filters for Analysers

Rotorflush products will filter from 6mm down to 60 microns and are ideal for pre-filtration to other processes. The UK Water industry makes extensive use of our small sample pumps with integral self-cleaning intake to provide low-maintenance hassle free sample supplies to analytical equipment.

Our waste water treatment filters are ideal for monitoring ammonia, phosphate, chlorine and turbidity at remote or unmanned sites. This is because self-cleaning filters ensure a low maintenance filtered supply to analytical equipment. This saves call-out time and costs and increases data reliability.

Several Instrument manufacturers recommend the use of Rotorflush Analyser filter systems. They install our sample pumps to protect their equipment in kiosks and at other monitoring sites.

Rotorflush also supplies waste water treatment filters for industry.  because ever stricter water quality regulations attract significant penalties for non-compliance. This has led to an increase in water quality monitoring, and in the need to separate solids from process water before re-use or disposal.

M&N Electrical are interested in using our waste water treatment filters to clean their screens


Our effective self-cleaning filters are fast becoming essential tools in waste water treatment.

Find out more by contacting Rotorflush Filters to discuss your project or application.


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