Recommendations for Rotorflush Filters and Testimonials

Recommendations for Rotorflush Filters and Pumps

Our self-cleaning filter products have helped our customers prevent their pumps from blocking.  Because all our filters are continuously self-cleaning recommendations for Rotorflush pump filters are easy to come by.

Our customers are happy because they spend less time unblocking filters and maintaining pumps. Often a Rotorflush filter has been the only answer to tricky dirty water problems.

But don’t take our word for it – take theirs.


Rotorflush self-cleaning pump filters allow our customers to use high pressure multi-stage pumps in very difficult dirty water conditions without fear of blocking their pumps.  Our self-cleaning suction filters have helped to save time and money by recycling water, reducing maintenance and keeping equipment running.


Rotorflush RF200R trial, March 2016, Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant, Queensland

Trility Water treatment servicesOur Australian Distributors, Glacier Filtration, have sent a testimonial with photos from TRILITY Pty Ltd.

Alice Connell of Trility says: “A Rotorflush RF200R self-cleaning inlet screen was installed on the intake of the feed pump to test the performance of the screen in a raw sewage application.
Over the two month trial period the screen operated successfully with no blockages or interruptions in flow. The screen was checked and washed down daily during the first month, reducing to every second day in the second month.”

“TRILITY have been very impressed with the performance of the unit as a cost effective alternative to inline screening or filtering processes.”

The full testimonial can be read HERE

Alice Connell, Process Engineer, TRILITY Pty Ltd

An Australian company committed to being a ‘provider of choice’ in the delivery of water and wastewater services.   "Leading the way in water utility solutions"


Laleham Farm, Shepperton

WhereRtheyMe doing pratchett impression in sweetcorn 2010We still have, working as well now as when they were supplied, (albeit with new rubbery bits), our two original RF200’s purchased as a result of seeing the Farmers Weekly review in 1997 (which I’ve still got!).

I’m probably going to regret saying this, but since they were installed, the frequent seal changing exercise on the recirculating pumps serving the vegetable washers has abated to every few years, in fact I can’t remember the last time they were changed.

I also bought, I think, an O35012-16 a few years ago for our cesspit at the other farm, which requires only an annual exterior spruce up, saves us over a grand a year in emptying charges, and is a splendid bit of kit.

I would now like a price please, I think the right size would be an auto O25010-16, delivered to the above address. It’s to dewater a small septic tank serving two caravans housing seasonal staff, i.e. showers, loos and a washing machine. We have used “throwaway” cheap & cheerful submersibles in recent years, but they barely last a season.

And, incidentally, great website, quick and informative.

Charlie Bransden, B.E.BRANSDEN & SONS LTD Middlesex UK

B.E. Bransden & Sons Ltd is a family run business growing vegetables, herbs and outdoor cut flowers. We supply the London wholesale markets, local farm shops and greengrocers.
Our Mission: to maintain a profitable farming business whilst contributing to the local community and economy. To conserve and where possible, improve existing environmental features.

mjabbottlogo“We have been supplying Rotorflush’s filter-pumps for several years and have found the company‘s products ideal for rainwater harvesting and effluent pumping applications. Rotorflush have also been particularly helpful in providing a solution in many varied, tricky pumping situations.”

Neil Chippett, Product Manager M J Abbott Ltd, December 2010

MJ Abbott Limited is one of the UK's leading specialist contractors, with unsurpassed expertise in golf course construction, golf course reconstruction and remodelling, natural turf pitch construction, artificial sports surfaces, pitch maintenance and renovation, irrigation system installation, irrigation system maintenance, water management, land drainage, landscaping and environmental works, water engineering, borehole drilling, water treatment, civil engineering, wastewater and sewage treatment, drain jetting and resin lining, CCTV drain surveys, and electrical control systems.

Ferrierlogo“We are very happy to recommend Rotorflush’s filter pumps. Two installations which our company undertook come particularly to mind. The first, a fountain water feature in Galashiels town centre, repeatedly stopped flowing due to falling leaves choking the filter. The cost of sending someone to clean this once or twice a week was expensive. We fitted a Rotorflush filter pump unit over a year ago and the problem immediately disappeared. The unit requires negligible maintenance and the client was delighted with the remedy.

The second case concerns an installation in a glass factory where a re-circulating water spray system is used to cool the molten glass during production. The filter and spray nozzles were daily becoming blocked with particles of glass and scale. The process environment is extremely hot and hostile, nonetheless we decided to fit a Rotorflush filter to the existing pump and as a result, production now proceeds without interruption. “.

Colin now works for Pump Action Ltd  – another Rotorflush Customer and Reseller.

Colin Ramsay Ferrier Pumps Ltd, December 2010

Established in 1981, Ferrier Pumps have grown to become a major force in the world of pumps and associated equipment, providing a wide range of services to an extremely broad client base.

We supply pumps for every application and to every industry dealing with offshore clients in the North Sea to supplying replacement pump heads to Facilities Management companies servicing Schools and Hospitals


This company is a major supplier and installer of irrigation equipment ” We have used the filter pump range on a number of our installations where water source quality was likely to be a problem eg: rivers, ponds, rainwater harvesting. The pumps have performed the task and provided a simple solution to what may have been an expensive and complicated alternative. We have found Rotorflush an excellent Company to deal with, both on the sales and technical side. “.

Mike Briley Sales Director, Access Irrigation, UK, December 2010

Access Irrigation specialise in irrigation design, supply and servicing of commercial quality irrigation systems.

“As horticultural consultants, Dove Associates advise and specify irrigation equipment for horticultural growers throughout the UK. We specify Rotorflush filter-pumps for applications where water is drawn from rivers or other heavily contaminated sources. The beauty of Rotorflush’s filter-pump is that the contaminant is continuously removed from the irrigation supply at source and you have no backwash down time or contaminant to deal with.” .

John Adlam, Managing Director Dove Associates, December 2010

“The Rotorflush Filter-pumps are a simple and cost effective way to provide protection of the pump from weed and debris. They eliminated the need for complicated and expensive upstream self-cleaning filters and have proved reliable and maintenance free even though we have one installed in a particularly dirty part of a lake.

The Rotorflush Filter-pump is an ideal solution for extracting a filtered sample for our analyser. There can often be weed and other detritus in the final effluent channel that would block a wastewater pump. The 50 micron self-cleaning inlet screen provided on the submersible pump not only protects the pump from blockage but provides a filtered sample with no requirement for cleaning of conventional filters”

Geoff Wood, Managing Director, Water Designs Ltd, October 2008

This is a company in UK that designs and installs irrigation systems. They have used Rotorflush Filter-pumps to provide a filtered supply of water for landscape irrigation from lakes. Providing Samples to online analysers A constant flow of filtered effluent needs to be provided to the analyser at sewage works and factories. A company that manufactures analysers in the UK has been using Rotorflush's Filter-pumps to continuously feed his analyser cells on sewage works.

“We installed a Rotorflush Filter-pump (Model RF400R) over four years ago and it’s never had a problem, or a service since. Delivery was bang-on the delivery date given. We can’t fault it. Rotorflush have always given us the data we need whenever we asked – their service is first rate. “

Brian Offord, Owner Hemtune Agricultural Services, December 2010

“At Ringway infrastructure Services, we run a fleet of “Three in One” highway gully cleansing vehicles for our work with Kent County Council. In order to minimise our fresh water usage costs, a rainwater harvesting system was installed at our new, Super Depot in Ashford. This channels rainwater from all roof and ground level surfaces into three tanks, and a Rotorflush Filter-pump is employed to remove leaves and general surface debris, ensuring the water is suitable for use on the gulley cleansing vehicles. The filtered water is also used to top-up the tanks of other utility vehicles which use the tipper bay at the super depot. In two years of operation, the collection tanks have never been empty and the self-cleaning filter-pump has required virtually zero maintenance, further contributing to the considerable cost-savings being made by the rainwater harvesting operation. “.

Ray Barnes, Site Agent. Ringway infrastructure Services, December 2010

“We used to have a surface mounted centrifugal pump with a coarse strainer in the tank. It was a nightmare, the strainer would block up and we were continually stripping the pump down to clean the impellers that were blocked with cow hair. The maintenance on the old system was bad enough when I was there to do it, but when I was away from the farm the relief staff couldn’t cope resulting in an even worse problem when I returned. The Rotorflush pump has been brilliant, it just keeps going; I haven’t had to touch it, the irrigator nozzle in the field stays free from blockage as well.”

Steve, Leicestershire Dairy farmer, September 2008

The pumps are being used on farms for the irrigation of wastewater from livestock units heavily contaminated with manure, straw and silage. This is a particularly demanding application. The water is pumped from collection tanks to irrigators in the field. Progressive cavity pumps have often been used for this, they will pump the solids usually without problem but irrigators and sometimes even the pipeline to the field become blocked. The self-cleaning inlet filter protects the pump pipeline and irrigator from the suspended solids. A farmer from Leicestershire installed a Rotorflush Filter-pump, fitted with a Control Valve for pumping effluent from his dairy cow

“We chose the Rotorflush Filter-pump because it’s the only pump available with a self-cleaning inlet filter. The multistage submersible provides the pressure we need and the self-cleaning filter ensures that particles that would block the pump or the 3 and 4 mm spray jets, are kept out of the system. The pumps have performed extremely well and enabled us to achieve our objective of providing cost effective de-scumming system with very low maintenance”.

The Damar Group

This company is a large contractor who provides civil , mechanical and electrical engineering services to the water industry in the UK have been using the Rotorflush Filter-pumps very successfully on their de-scumming equipment at sewage works. This involves pumping water from the outflow of the primary settlement tanks back to spray jets that disperse the scum on the surface of the tanks. They also install the Rotorflush Filter-pumps to provide wash water for inlet screens.

“A major water company needed to provide a means for spray cleaning its first stage sewage separation screens. Potable water could not be used in such an applications because of the danger of cross supply contamination and excessive cost, so we had to arrange for a suitably filtered continuous supply from the treatment works’ “final effluent” output. While this is suitable for discharging into the water course, it nevertheless contains enough solid particles to require a normal filtration system to be cleaned at frequent intervals. We therefore specified a Rotorflush Filter-pump which continuously cleans its own filter without the need for manual intervention. Initially, the customer specified water pressure turned out to be more than necessary for the job, but Rotorflush responded very efficiently by quickly modifying and returning the unit, which has since functioned perfectly with minimal attention.”

David Rymer, Sales Estimator North Avon Pumps and Controls Ltd, UK

Northavon M&E is a full service water management, mechanical and electrical contracting company. They have unrivalled expertise in the areas of pumps and pumping stations, sewage treatment systems and plants, mechanical and electrical and industrial contracting and rainwater harvesting.