Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filters on Show at FIB 2016

Rotorflush Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filters on Show at FIB 2016 at the Alzo Group stand
Rotorflush self- cleaning filters on display at the Alzo Group stand at FIB-2016


Rotorflush Filters Limited award winning self-cleaning filters on show at FIB 2016 in Colombia thanks to our South American distributors Alzo Group.

See a range of Rotorflush self-cleaning filters on Rotorflush Self-cleaning Filters on Show at FIB 2016show at FIB 2016 with Alzo Group at their stand at this prestigious international trade fair.  Demand is growing for our innovative self-cleaning filtration products that allow pumping and filtration to be combined, drawing directly from water sources heavily contaminated with suspended solids.

Our self-cleaning strainers and filters, and submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning intakes keep their filter mesh clear and protect pumps, pipework and other equipment from blockage.



The International Industrial Trade Fair of Bogota – FIB 2016, is the lead event that promotes the economic growth in Colombia, the region of the Latin American Pacific Alliance, Central America and the Caribbean. The event is the ideal platform to exhibit equipment, technological advances, and supplies to this fast growing area. Having our self-cleaning filters on show at FIB 2016 presents our products to a new South American market for Rotorflush Filters.

Alzo Group’s expertise in reducing the environmental impact and operational costs associated with water filtration, combined with Rotorflush’s innovative self-cleaning filters presents an opportunity for customers to save costs on proposed solutions designed for the treatment of all types of water. Our collaboration enables non-conventional technologies that optimize consumption, recycling and recovery of this vital resource.

Rotorflush Filters and Alzo Group are pleased to be able to share their world class products and services with visitor to FIB 2016 – call in and say Hello! or contact us at:

Alzo Group sell Rotorflush self cleaning filters throughout South and Central America

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